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Good Clean Eats

Healthier holiday eating with Island Market Smoothies and Juice Bar’s organic and fresh menu

By: Alexis Harborth   Photos By: Rachel Benavides

There are pieces of Hawaii and Tahiti right here in South Texas. Island Market Smoothies and Juice Bar is a healthy hotspot run by husband and wife Morgan and Brittany Faulkner. The idea to open it came to them years ago, as the couple, who surfs around the entire world, decided to share tasty discoveries with the Coastal Bend. 

“We were always attracted to smoothies and fresh options to keep our bodies powered,” Morgan Faulkner says. “The North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii is an epicenter for surfing, and we’ve been traveling there for that, but the food is something really special. It’s inspiring and interesting.” 
Worldly culinary influences spurred them to open a smoothie and juice bar in Port Aransas.  “We wanted to start our smoothie shop to give those healthy, fresh options. A lot of the recipes are foods we experienced during all of our travels, from Hawaii to Tahiti to Mexico to California – all over. All our favorite things from our travels, under one roof.” 

Each menu item captures the essence of its origin. Take the Maui Mango Smoothie Bowl, for instance, which is made with acai, mango, strawberry, honey, and much more. The Licuado Escondido fruit smoothie is created with avocado, milk, strawberry, and banana. The authentic recipes are all unique and healthy. 

“Another Hawaiian inspiration is our poke bowls,” Faulkner explains. “It’s very traditional: fish, rice, the marinade that we make. That’s the whole idea of poke in Hawaii; the simplicity.” 
Freshness is a key ingredient for their menu. “In Tahiti, they’re working with the fresh ingredients that they have. What’s in season is what’s available,” says Faulkner. “Mexico is another big inspiration. When you go to Mexico, dishes are made with fresh, whole food and local ingredients.” 
They bring in as many organic products as possible. In fact, about half of what they serve is organic. And 100 percent of their products are fresh and critically chosen.
“Every single item is hand-selected,” Faulkner says. “Every piece of fruit, veggie, and fish is hand-selected and chosen for its quality and freshness. Everything we get is high quality, and that has a big impact on the flavors and overall experience.” 

The holidays are an especially difficult time to keep up with diet and fitness routines, but thanks to Island Market, it can be easier this year. 

“During the holidays, there’s a lot of home-cooked meals, but there’s also a lot of junk food,” says Faulkner. That’s why having a smoothie or bowl to replace an unhealthy snack or fast food trip is healthy, and helpful for maintaining diet goals during weeks that are often filled with cookies and chocolate. Their bowls aren’t just filling and good for your body; they’re also delicious, making them fan favorites. 
“The smoothie bowls are definitely some of the most popular items on the menu,” Faulkner says. “Those are thicker blended smoothies on top of fresh fruit and granola, and you eat it with a spoon. It was a big inspiration for Island Market because they’re the perfect meal in between surfing.” 
When you visit, each item is handcrafted, giving you fuel to feel good about. “Everything is made fresh-to-order, and with whole food ingredients.” 
Enjoy a healthy creation with every sip or bite right here in South Texas. Treat yourself to a vacation in a bowl, cup, or plate at Island Market.

614 S Gulf St, Port Aransas, TX