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Getting Dressed in the Drive-Thru

The casual convenience of alcohol on the go

By: Kylie Cooper  Photos by: Aaron Garcia

While it might be October, South Texas heat lingers a little longer than we’d care for it to. There are several ways to accommodate said heat: floppy sun hat, large amounts of SPF, a hydrating facial spray, etc. But, perhaps one of the best ways to beat the heat (and one of the more fun ways) is to enjoy an ice-cold beer, dressed to the nines. Pull up to The Barn Drive Thru Beer & Keg Haus any day of the week – except Monday – and asked for a fully dressed beer. Our recommendation would be a Modelo, Dos Equis, or Corona, but you can ask for your drink of choice. Your brew will come prepped with toppings such as lemons, limes, pickles, beer salt, and chile powder. The best part? You don’t even have to leave your car – you can literally drive through the barn. If you’re looking to hang out for a bit while you enjoy your libation, you can take a seat on the patio, where you’ll find picnic tables and the occasional barbecue cookout! This beloved South Texas tradition (we’ve tried to order a “dressed beer” from a bar in San Francisco…they gave us a beer with a napkin wrapped around it), is a key component in waiting out these last few weeks of summer heat.