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Five Best Fruit Cups!

A list of the five best fruit cups in the area!

By: Julieta Hernandez  Photo By: Rachel Benavides

One of the sweetest medleys to suit all seasons is the fresh, chilled, juicy fruit cup. With endless variations and flavor palettes, there’s rarely such a thing as an unsatisfying one. From glitzed-up options with Tajin and candy bits to hydrating, un-dressed freshly cut fruit, they happily exist in all forms, and are made throughout multiple hot spots in the Coastal Bend. Here are a few of the best fruit cups in the area, for whenever you may find yourself with the craving.

Little I’s Snow Cones & Treats in Ingleside
This adorable little blue building holds afternoon treats that we can relish with a sweet childhood nostalgia. Best known for their after-school vibe, this little shop holds tasty wonders for visitors wanting a good classic fruit cup. 3019 Main St, Ingleside 

Fruit Barn in Portland 
Popular with the snacking crowd, and Fruit Barn’s creations are showstoppers. Whether you like savory, chili-powdered pineapple chunks or fresh strawberries swimming in sweet cream, the Fruit Barn is happy to fulfill your cravings. 714 Dallas St, Portland

La Frutera on both Weber Rd and Airline Rd 
La Frutera has two locations for a reason: we need our fix left and right! La Frutera is easily recognizable and with plenty of fruit curations at an easy price range, their goodness is just waiting to be devoured.  5856 Weber Road  |  2322 Airline Road in Corpus Christi

Grandma B’s in Rockport 
Grandma B’s is for folks on this side of the coast who aren’t looking to travel too far for a sweet tooth craving. It seems like Grandma B’s has us covered! The ice cream and the fruit, usually both in the same dish, can turn anyone into a fan. Harbor Oaks Shopping Center, Rockport

La Paletera on Morgan Ave 
La Paletera delivers fresh fruit and colorful flavors compacted into their cup. With a selection of original flavors, including the Sweet Cup’s fruit chunks doused in orange juice and honey, this fruit stop is for everyone. 2701 Morgan Ave, Corpus Christi