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Five Best: Fancy Toasts

One alternative to the brunch plate is the endless possibilities of a well-thought-out toast.

By: Julieta Hernandez  Photos by: Jason Page

One alternative to the brunch plate is the endless possibilities of a well-thought-out toast. Like sandwiches (but not), the toast can include a bevy of different layers, flavors, and textures. That’s why we love toasts, arguably the best open-faced thing since sliced bread. The Coastal Bend knows how to keep things interesting, and when it comes to what we lay out on bread, the locals don’t disappoint.

1. Hester’s does fancy toast like it does the rest of breakfast: with a refreshing taste of class. Whipped goat cheese turned out to be the perfect base for walnuts, chia seeds, and a drizzle of honey to make a toast as delicious as it is picture-worthy. You can also add berries to this toast, or bacon, depending on which direction you’re wanting to take. Thankfully, all roads lead to the perfect toast on this one: Hester’s at Lamar Park.

2. Atomic Omelette’s Hawaiian French Toast has an obvious twist. Leave it to one of the town’s breakfast experts to perfectly marry Hawaiian bread into a French toast for our morning cravings, and to do it so sweetly. Dipped in a corn-flake batter, grilled and topped with a sift of powdered sugar, and ornamented by berries, this breakfast gem is sure to satiate breakfast cravings.

3. Crab Avocado Toast is a mighty promise from The Post at Lamar Park, and boy, do they deliver. A refreshing avocado spread with jumbo lump crab makes the perfect toast for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If it’s not the heirloom tomatoes that seal the deal, it’s the finishing dressing of truffle oil that spins the flavor combination into something unique. The Post is known for this multi-grain goodie; one of their favorite dishes is, understandably, also one of ours.

4. When Green Light Coffee first unveiled their Turkey, Brie, and Apple, the combination sounded unusual. But pairing fall fruit with oven-roasted turkey turned out to be the best warming cold-weather appetizer. On a thick slice of buttered German bread, the toast melds the aroma of sliced apples with soft brie and a drizzle of homemade thousand island. This hearty toast melts in your mouth with the perfect level of savory and sweet.

5. 8TE’s Holla Plate is definitely one to be vocal about. This breakfast toast hooks us up with the classics: mashed avocado, a crisp slice of bacon, and a fried/poached egg. Topped off with a house chipotle-hollandaise sauce, this speaks the language of a Modern American breakfast to us. And we’ve got our ears wide open, and our forks out!