Film Up Nurtures Local Talent with Screenings and More

Film Up Nurtures Local Talent with Screenings and Collaboration Opportunities

Film Up bridges the gap between aspiring filmmakers and the opportunity to screen their work

A film still from "The One that Got Away" directed by Pablo Schmitt.

Film Still from "The One that Got Away" directed by Pablo Schmitt.

In case you aren’t aware, local filmmakers live among us and are eager to share their work with other film creatives and the local community at large. Filmmaking as an art form exists to capture an audience with a story that resonates with them. In order for the community to connect with creatives in this way, opportunities for screening must exist. In hopes of encouraging continued creation, Film Up was created to fill the gap between aspiring filmmakers and the opportunity to screen their work.

Local film enthusiast Heidi Hovda has been producing films and championing the film community for years. As technology changes, barriers to entry for filmmakers are lowering, as it becomes more affordable for professionals and amateurs alike to make films. That encouraged her to start the Corpus Christi 7-Day Film Project with fellow local Joe Hilliard.

“One of our goals with the Project was to help build and grow our local film community. We started in 2007, and it’s played a role in not only giving people a chance to make a film as a fun summer project with their friends, but giving local creatives an opportunity to gather every year to celebrate local film and filmmaking,” said Hovda.

A film still from "Stay in Touch" directed by Jacob Ryan Martinez/
A film still from “Stay in Touch” directed by Jacob Ryan Martinez

As an avid member of the film community and through her experience with CC 7-Day, she saw an obvious disconnect between films in progress and opportunities for screenings, feedback and collaboration with other filmmakers.

While there are a few local festivals, such as CC 7-Day and the South Texas Underground Film Festival, where creatives can showcase their films on a larger scale, smaller events for filmmakers to share their works or works in progress are lacking. It was in this realization that Film Up came to be. Hovda draws this comparison: “Think about what open mic nights do for comedians and local musicians — it gives them an opportunity to work on their craft and also commune with folks that have the same passion and interests.” Film Up aims to do just that for filmmakers.

Catch the next screening at Alamo Drafthouse on March 15 & 16 and Art Museum of South Texas on June 22 & Nov. 16.

This work is crucial to the success of these films and the opportunity for the community to discover local talent of this kind. An artist cannot hone their craft without feedback and collaboration — and that starts with the opportunity to showcase their work.

Film Up currently hosts screenings at Alamo Drafthouse and Art Museum of South Texas, and filmmakers can submit their work for consideration via email. As completely free events, anyone and everyone is invited to partake in the cherished work of local filmmakers, and aid in their distinct creative endeavors.

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