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Exploring the Art Museum of South Texas

From rotating exhibitions to a must-see permanent collection, the Art Museum of South Texas is a visual treat

By: Art Museum of South Texas  Photo by: Rachel Benavides

On the edge of the Corpus Christi Bay on North Shoreline Boulevard sits the Art Museum of South Texas, an anchoring part of the vibrant arts community of Corpus Christi. Inside the three-story space, a diverse permanent collection of more than 1,850 permanent works of arts are beautifully displayed. Delve into an afternoon discovering the arts this summer with a trip to AMST, where the arts of the Americas and the Texas region, from paintings, photographs, and sculptures to glass, ceramics, crafts, and large installation pieces, will captivate and surely leave you inspired.

As you near AMST, you will be greeted by Corpus Christi’s Water Garden, designed by internationally recognized cityscape architect Robert Zion. The Water Garden is known for its delightful meditative atmosphere. A circle of 150 fountains burble, sending water tumbling down a stone staircase to the pool below. A small ring of lawn in the center is where kids go to spin in delight while listening to the frothy waters. Complimented by stunning bay views, the Museum sits perfectly on the water’s edge where visitors can enjoy all the things that give the city its name, the “sparkling city by the sea.” From the outer deck facing the bay, enjoy the view of the Harbor Bridge, watch barge ships pass by, and see the local birds bathing in the sun.

Spend the afternoon delving into the various galleries of AMST. Peruse the Dr. Clotilde “Dr. Cleo” P. Garcia Spanish Colonial Gallery showcasing many Spanish Colonial, pre-Columbian, and contemporary works inspired and influenced by artisans and artists of that time. Beginning September 4 through January 7, find inspiration in Target Texas: Drawn Worlds, featuring the works of eight Texas artists and their connections to their communities, their inspirations, and world view through the genre of drawing. September 4 through January 17, William Wilhelmi: A Crescendo in Clay, adventure through Wilhelmi’s masterful combination of ceramics and references to art history and literature. From rotating exhibitions to a must-see permanent collection, the Art Museum of South Texas is a visual treat.