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Escape to Wellness

Akasha Yoga influences positivity through yoga, meditation, wellness, and elevation

By: Jessie Chrobocinski   Photos By: Rachel Benavides 

When we think of space, we often interpret the word to mean emptiness or an unoccupied expanse. In the Sanskrit language, the name used to describe “space” or “ether” is Akasha, which expresses concepts derived from Hindu philosophy, “in which air, fire, water, and earth come together as creation,” and “what existed before anything else came into being is that which everything will return to.”

Akasha Yoga is a sacred studio for the community to unearth courage and self-belief; to come together and grow beyond what we thought possible and fulfill our greatest potential. Created by a passionate and accomplished group of four – Cheryl Lehman, Melissa Macias, Vance Crocker, and his wife, Lynn Crocker – Akasha Yoga was developed to be a tranquil place for the community to gather for yoga, meditation, and much more while striving to reach Akasha. 

“As this project started, it just evolved into this beautiful, beautiful process,” Cheryl Lehman says energetically. “I don’t think we could have done it without each other, just what we all brought to the table from expertise and different aspects of the project in terms of this beautiful masterpiece. We wanted to create something more than just a room to do yoga. It evolved from one small group looking for a place to practice to [the idea that] we can really do something different here in Corpus by bringing something to the community where everybody can find a class that they like.”

With overall wellness being the focus, Akasha Yoga offers many options among classes, including Yin, Kundalini, Beginner’s Ashtanga, and traditional classes such as Vinyasa, Hatha, and Restorative yoga, along with Pilates, meditation, and healing services such as Reiki and Earthing – a grounding therapy. 

The premier yoga studio completes its service with a peaceful, inviting atmosphere for socializing and practice. The open communal space is designed with visitors in mind, from its modern furniture, couches, and large table to the juice bar, where visitors can order a fresh, cold-pressed juice and enjoy the company of others. The spacious studio allows for Akasha Yoga to continue observing social distancing guidelines by extending classes with limited capacity, spacing students 6 feet apart, and providing sanitized yoga props such as mats and blocks.

“We’ve got a little bit of everything. Not one thing works for every single person; where yoga is great for one but is better for another. We’ve got everything here so people can find what they need in one place,” Lehman says.
To further emphasize the uniqueness of Akasha Yoga, the studio is dedicated to researching the scope of wellness activities’ health benefits. With two physicians as part of the team, the studio is able to conduct before and after studies with yoga, grounding, meditation, and sound experience.

“It’s going to be amazing to see the breadth of health benefits. A lot has been studied, but not all of it has been studied like this,” Lehman says with excitement. “It’s really what sets us apart. We’re kind of like the wellness umbrella, if you will.” 

Whether your passion is yoga or searching for purpose deep within, Akasha Yoga embodies a wellness sanctuary and influences positivity through yoga, meditation, wellness, and elevation. From your first steps inside, the positive energy you feel, from the soft lighting and soothing sound system to the calming colors and wood floor, is likely to make you feel that you’re in the right space. 

1017 Airline Rd, Corpus Christi, TX
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