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Enjoying The Roughian Supper Club From Your Own Kitchen

The Roughian Supper Club announces cookbooks featuring their most popular recipes

Photo via: The Roughian Supper Club

When it comes to the local supper club experience, The Roughian, the ideals of gathering and community are at its core. So as one can imagine, with social distancing and Stay-At-Home ordinances in place, these communal gatherings centered around enjoying the presence of others over a good meal, are currently frozen in time.

The thought of selling prepared meals for pick-up or delivery crossed owner and mastermind behind The Roughian Natalie Trevino’s mind, but when considering the health and safety of her team and the frequent grocery trips required to make this happen, she knew it wasn’t the safest option for The Roughian team.

Cue all the free time Trevino was then faced with in the last few weeks. She realized there were Roughian projects she had moved to the back burner that could now prove to be useful. “From our first dinner party last year, I could envision a cookbook companion in the vein of ‘A Year of Dinner Parties’ that follows along with The Roughian Supper Club,”  she said when speaking of one of those very projects.  “I simply wanted to empower people to cook. I believe that if you care enough to try, that is half the battle.” 

So, Trevino took her passion for making The Roughian’s recipes accessible and reincarnating last year’s dinners and put it into an online cookbook – a no brainer.

The project turned into two different e-cookbooks: monthly additions of the Microbook ($4 per month) and a Complete Microbook 2020 Collection ($45 one time fee and will be sent monthly like a subscription service).

The Microbook contains recipes written about on social media polls or in an email of suggestions from The Roughian’s fans about their favorite Roughian courses over the last year. The book feature six to eight recipes per month, with step by step instructions, as well as a beautiful photo of the finished meal. 

This new project allows the beloved supper pop-up experience business to stay relevant during these uncertain times of solitude. Just days before the pandemic hit home for many of us, The Roughian was set to be on track with a rather successful year lined with events all over the nation.  Now, they’ve had to refund almost 60% of those services and dinner seats.

“It’s tough,” Trevino says on the matter,  but she’s remaining optimistic and innovative. “The e-book was the most welcomed project.  I can cook, photograph, edit, and write all from the safety of my home, with my family.”

At the end of the day, Trevino and her entire Roughian team are hopeful and know there is good waiting on the other side of all this. You know the old saying of making lemonade when life throws lemons your way?  Well, Trevino has a better idea which you can find inside these e-books, and it involves champagne. 

Learn more at theroughian.com or any of The Roughian’s social media pages, now.