Ellison Helmsman Helps Clients Navigate Growth in the New Year

Ellison Helmsman Helps its Clients Navigate Growth and Innovation in the New Year

Ellison Helmsman, Inc. is here to help you set (and keep) "new-day" resolutions

Photo of Josh Henderson of Ellison Helmsman, Inc.

Photo by Benjamin Zaragosa

With a new year upon us and clean slates in hand, we’re faced with 365 days to fulfill the goals we eagerly planned. Whether it’s a new business venture, refreshing an existing project or simply toying around with an idea, the weight of our goals can often steer us in the wrong direction, especially without proper guidance or accountability. That’s where Ellison Helmsman comes in. 

When a job opportunity led Josh Henderson, founder of Ellison Helmsman, to Corpus Christi, he fell in love with the dynamic of the city and with his wife, Kristin, which solidified his deep-rooted connection to the area. Recognizing this was undeniably home, he brought Ellison Helmsman to Corpus Christi. Drawing from his experience in the legal field and oil and gas management, Henderson developed a process of innovation involving research, analysis, development, training and execution, and uses it to tailor the experience to each client’s unique needs.

Through his curated system for strategic growth and development, the team at Ellison Helmsman serves individuals and businesses across multiple industries and regions, guiding them to reach their goals. 

 “Using this process, we end up touching on leadership, staff development, processes, documentation, automation, integration of technology, sales and marketing to help them with their growth plan,” Henderson said. 

According to Henderson, this innovative approach is unique in the consulting industry, transcending conventional data-centric practices and instead, pioneering the connection between human and technological development. 

Using a psychology-based methodology centered on comprehending organizational dynamics, Ellison Helmsman not only educates people on the process but also facilitates successful implementation, contributing to the success of a wide array of businesses, including new and existing entities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, for-profit and non-profit enterprises, small businesses and corporations.

Henderson isn’t a fan of New Year’s Resolutions; he prefers new-day resolutions. He encourages business owners to embrace intentionality and a daily recommitment to growth to achieve success with their business goals. “It’s the accountability and structure that drive a growth plan forward,” Henderson said. 

By offering an open-door policy and a relationship-based sales approach, the company positions itself as a valuable resource for individuals and businesses alike. As the company expands its footprint across Texas, its headquarters remain firmly planted in Corpus Christi due to Henderson’s deep connection to the city and commitment to the local community.  

Contact: 1116 Santa Fe  |  info@ellisonhelmsman.com