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A Look at the Corpus Christi Brewery Scene’s Expansion into Cans

Local craft breweries are canning delicious beers for folks to enjoy anywhere.

Photo by: Rachel Benavides

Here in the Coastal Bend, we have a thriving brewery scene that has continued to increase over the years. There is a variety of delicious local beers here in our backyard, each with its own signature. And while each brewery boasts a wide range of beers to enjoy in their taprooms, we can also bring home some excellent flavors, as many are canning their selections.

Lazy Beach Brewing provides a relaxed environment off Yorktown that makes you feel much closer to the beach than you actually are; the beer and vibe are top tier. Cory Matthews said canning beer was a response to COVID-19 shutting the doors: “People have enjoyed the added canned options to the menu. Before, the only way to take beer from the taproom was via a glass growler. We still love growlers, and they have their time and place, but canning has made it easier for anyone to enjoy our beverages wherever and whenever they like.”

Lorelei Brewing Company, Rebel Toad Brewing Co. and Nueces Brewing Company are also local breweries with a delicious slate of beer they can and sell on tap. The newest addition to the local canning scene is Nueces Brewing. The crisp and refreshing Nueces Original Lager is now canned to perfection and available for purchase at select H-E-B stores.

With this quartet of local brewers expanding their reach and selling some of their beverages in retail stores, the Coastal Bend is seeing an increasing embrace of local craft beers, which will be a boon for the brewery scene to grow and is leading to plans for expanding options. Nathali Cavazos of Rebel Toad said, “Our next can release will be El Sapo Mexican Lager, coming early summer,” and their Peach to Bay ‘Summer Run,’ a Kolsch with natural peach flavors,” is something we should all be looking to pick up right now.

Each location has its respective environment and signature products worth trying and visiting. Each year we make strides as a city. In regard to the brewery scene, who knows? Maybe we’ll give Portland, Oregon, a run for its money one day.