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Corpus Christi 7 Day Film Project Gears Up for 2023 Screenings

Local filmmakers had just one week to produce a short film from start to finish. Now, the community is invited to watch the talent unfold on the big screen.

A film still from "What Rosie Left Behind" one of the films in the 2023 Corpus Christi 7 Day Film Project.

"What Rosie Left Behind" | Team Dragon Productions | Team Leader: Melissa Garcia | Film still provided by Corpus Christi 7 Day

A lot can happen in the time span of one week. Finishing a good book, leaving for and returning from a vacation, making an entire short film from start to finish – all tasks easily accomplished in seven days. That last one might seem unrealistic or even impossible, but that’s exactly what Corpus Christi 7 Day (CC7D) Film Project participants sign up for.

Founded in 2007, CC7D is an annual competition created to encourage, facilitate and celebrate the local filmmaking scene in the Coastal Bend area. Veterans and amateurs alike sign up to create a short film–including script writing, rehearsing, set design, filming, editing and everything in between–in just seven days. As an added creative twist, each year a handful of required elements are given to participants: a specific line of dialogue, a character and a prop and a mysterious fourth element.

Why just seven days? “By challenging filmmakers with the deadline of making a short film in seven days utilizing the creative springboards of the essential elements, we hoped that CC7D would not only showcase the talent that exists in the Coastal Bend but also help the folks interested in filmmaking hone their skills while also having the opportunity to meet each other and build relationships,” shared Heidi Hovda, CC7D co-founder.

A film still from a participating short film in the Corpus Christi 7 Day Film Project.
(LEFT): “A Conversation” | Reel Good Cinema | Team Leader: Chelsea Hatton (RIGHT): “One Chance” | Cam Jam | Team Leader: Cameron Zertuche | Film still provided by CC7D

Over the last 16 years, the annual project has not only achieved its initial goal but has evolved into so much more. “It is so gratifying to see people who’ve made CC7D films or participated in CC7D films work together on projects throughout the year,” Hovda said. “Some CC7D filmmakers take their films and enter them into other film festivals, and WIN!  Some of the young CC7D filmmakers have used their CC7D films to apply (and get accepted) into prestigious film schools like NYU, USC and UT-Austin. It’s evolved in the best way that any community evolves: it grows and expands, its members learn with and from each other and its impact is solely made by the people that make it a living, breathing entity.”

There is no denying the Coastal Bend’s thriving arts and culture landscape, and Hovda wants people to know local filmmaking is very much a part of that. “Our local filmmaking scene not only has talented individuals doing incredible work (both for a living and for fun), but the stories they tell through film are unique,” she said. “Their individual perspectives shine through in their films and when they find their authentic voice and express it through the art of film, it’s gratifying to see.”

A film still from a participating short film in the Corpus Christi 7 Day Film Project.
(LEFT): “Dove” | Home Brew | Team Leader: Kevin McDermott (RIGHT): “A Thief’s Need” | Bridge Burners | Team Leader: Hercaclio Gonzalez | Film still provided by CC7D

And at the end of the day, that’s really what CC7D is all about: encouraging creatives of all ages, backgrounds and expertise to discover their unique point of view and run with it. The cherry on top comes in the form of a flourishing community supporting and uplifting one another along the way.

The public is invited to join in on this celebration of local filmmaking by attending the official CC7D Film Project Screening event on Sept. 3. Starting at 1 p.m., all qualifying films will be shown in three separate flights in a premiere theatre at Alamo Drfathouse Corpus Christi. All CC7D teams and fans are then invited to the Awards Ceremony hosted at House of Rock, where the Steering Committee will announce the winners of juried, acting and element awards. A full schedule of the film screening flights and tickets are available online.

A film still from a participating short film in the Corpus Christi 7 Day Film Project.
(LEFT): “Package for Two” | Sandwich | Team Leader: Jeremy Baucom (RIGHT): “Le: Icon” | Brainstorm | Team Leader: Pablo Schmitt | Film still provided by CC7D

As for what screening attendees can expect from this year’s lineup, Hovda proudly said people should prepare to be amazed. “The 2023 CC7D films cover a lot of genres: drama, comedy, horror. The teams have really outdone themselves this year and it’s a very impressive batch of films.” From claymation to captivating narratives, CC7D’s lineup puts the vibrant and ever-growing local filmmaking scene on full display.

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