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Coastal Wear Fit for a Lady Captain

Photos by: Lillian Reitz


If you’re one to embrace nature, enjoy life’s finer things and not take anything too seriously, then Lady Captain is the boutique for you. Inspired by the Gulf Coast gal who can catch a fish and then set a gorgeous table for her catch of the day, Lady Captain curates a line of thoughtful clothing selections, home goods and accessories that are  both sophisticated and laid-back.

Located in Rockport, Lady Captain was founded by Lauren Neal and Claire Craig to bring definition to South Texas Coast style, and partner silhouettes with activewear elements for versatile clothing fit for any occasion.

Lady Captain carries brand names uniquely found in the Coastal Bend and its signature clothing line, which features a women’s fishing tunic—comparable to a shirt dress version of a fishing shirt, catered to a feminine figure.

“We just kind of noticed [that] when people were down here, they’re always wearing oversized fishing shirts, or the only option for women was a fitted fishing shirt, which isn’t necessarily the most comfortable when you’re out on a boat. So we created a women’s fishing shirt flattering on any shape—that’s part of our utility collection,” said Neal.


Lady Captain’s Resort collection includes comfortable pieces that are easy to throw on, from linen to seersucker. Neal and Craig made each piece versatile enough to be dressed up or down. “We knew we wanted it to be somewhat ‘utility’ to cater to the fishing and active lifestyle of the Gulf Coast, but also feminine and sweet in an homage to the modern hostess,” Craig said.

“Take the high-quality women’s fishing shirt: It’s water repellent and breathable, so it’s made to wear on a boat, but you can also pair it with jeans and wear a dressy shoe for dinner at the Yacht Club,” said Neal.

The pair says their idea of a Lady Captain is that she’s active, and not afraid to get out in nature, but also enjoys hosting a dinner or cocktail party and can conjure up an aesthetically pleasing tablescape. Keeping that idea, along with all body types and sizes, in mind when curating their shop’s inventory is fundamental to achieving their overall goal.

“We definitely have something for everybody, especially our clothing line. We wanted to make sure that it fits all sizes, too. Some of our stuff is oversized, and some are more fitted,” Craig said. “We wanted to make sure everyone who entered Lady Captain could leave with something.”