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BTS: Love is A Four Legged Word

Check out these adorable outtakes from our December Pets Issue feature photoshoot.

Though the pets may have looked all proper and poised in our final feature, it was no easy task getting them there. From start to finish it was a whirlwind of energetic, mischievous little pets. Some, so excited to meet new friends they couldn’t stay still. Others timid, shy, and hid from the camera every chance they got. We soon realized there wasn’t a perfected formula on how to get the perfect shot of these pets. We had to go into each session with fresh eyes, understanding that each pet has a unique personality and it’s our job to help make it shine. Through all of the slobber, hairballs, belly rubs, and treats, we not only were able to capture these animals in all of their glory, but we made a couple new friends in the process. 

Since we couldn’t fill the entire magazine with pictures of these fur babies, here are a handful of outtakes from the pets photoshoot. We hope you love all these cuties as much as we do!