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Bright & Breezy

Stunning waterfront home renovated to create comfortable coastal bliss

By: Jaqueline Gonzalez  Photos by: Jason Page

Chris learned one thing from living in Hawaii and California: She loves the beach. After moving to Corpus Christi, she and her husband, Tony, lived down Ocean Drive, where the stunning views of the Gulf Coast reign supreme. Keeping her options open, she soon discovered the treasures of Island property, and knew – after feeling the fresh cool breeze and the close proximity to the beach – that this was the right place to purchase a home. After some time living on the Island, a house nearby came up on the market, and Chris and Tony saw the potential for upgrades. In December 2018, they purchased the home, and although the house needed major renovations, Chris and Tony hit the ground running with renovations and had the house ready to move in the week before the 4th of July. 

The 3,064-square-foot home did not always have a fresh, crisp, and modern vibe. Originally built in 1988, the home had many antiquated features such as dark brown paneling, but working in tandem with 3G Construction and CF Designs, Chris put her renovating talents to use, bringing her coastal home to life. One of her favorite changes was improving the view of her home by making good use of the space through redesigning certain areas; other renovations focused on maximizing the views of the waterfront from all bedrooms, living, and dining areas. 

The entrance is reminiscent of the tropical paradise that is North Padre Island. The entire home is meticulously decorated to evoke a light yet inviting coastal feel, by juxtaposing fresh shades of the quintessential aqua blue with clean neutrals. She also uses colorful artwork depicting sea life, and beach-themed trinkets and shell accents throughout the home, to lend a cool, calming tone to the modern coastal space. Large, bold rugs in a variety of prints and various shades of blue and white set the seaside and beach ambience while weaving personality into the space and accenting the floors from CRT Flooring. 

The large kitchen, once covered in a dark brown color palette, was transformed into an open space, perfect for cooking and spending time around the stately kitchen island with family and friends. Chris recalls how ideal the space on the island was for her girls’ night out, “I made a charcuterie board and just laid everything out. It was the perfect amount of space!” The custom white cabinetry – by Fernando’s Woodworking – and quartz countertops, along with the aqua glass accents, add the perfect backdrop to allow plenty of sunlight, giving off a pleasant oceanfront vibe. The white cabinetry is elevated by adding glass openings to the top of the cabinets, showcasing coral statues. These necessary renovations allowed Chris to implement the white kitchen she’s longed to have for years. 

The marriage between shades of aqua and crisp whites continues in the living room area. Shells and glass fishing buoys in shades of ocean blue and teal fill the white shelving that flanks a wall-mounted television and an electronic fireplace. The television extends outward to reveal an in-wall cubby used to store cords and wires, which keeps the focal point of the living room streamlined and mess-free. 

Smooth, white, classic sliding doors in the living room glide open to reveal a large private deck, with a built-in pool and gorgeous views of the water. Tony is a waterman and Chris likes to hop on paddleboards with her son, so the area is perfect. The deck is still a work in progress, and although the location provides a gorgeous view of the small private island, a large glass wall to be placed around the deck is in the works – it will still allow the great view, but will act as a wind block and a safety barrier allowing her small children to spend time outdoors. 

Chris enjoyed playing with different colors and patterns in the bedrooms, bathrooms, and the kids’ playroom. She opted for navy palm leaf and aqua beach waves patterns for wallpapers, and a fun mermaid backsplash that creates a unique interior design. Bedding, pillows, lamps, and mirrors in soft subtle blues work together to bring beachy bliss to life. 

The vibe in Chris and Tony’s home is perfectly summed up in her favorite quote: “People aren’t longing to be impressed; they’re longing to feel like they’re home. If you create a space full of love and character and creativity and soul, they’ll take off their shoes and curl up with gratitude and rest, no matter how small, no matter how undone, no matter how odd.”