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Bohemian Vintage Meets Modern Design

Varied décor allows for homeowners to incorporate a range of styles and fits any budget

By: Jacqueline Gonzalez  Photos By: Jason Page  

After searching for the right home – one with an older design and in an older neighborhood – Korri Anderson discovered that her parents were looking to downsize, which meant her childhood home was up for grabs. Although it would be a fixer-upper, Korri and her husband were excited for the extra space, and knew purchasing this home was the right move. After some renovations, they were in their new home by the end of 2019. 

With a blend of patterns, prints, color combinations, and vintage items, Korri brings her interior design talents into her own personal living space. Korri operates the Instagram account @kadesignscc and uses it to share many of her interior design tips that she implements in her home and passes on to her clients. Her main focus is to show that design is attainable, regardless of your budget. In fact, she has found many of the items in her home at estate sales and local vintage shops. When asked to explain her choice in décor, Anderson says with a smile, “I love anything that is fun, funky, and unexpected.”  

Korri likes to start from scratch in a new home, with the exception of a few pieces of art and knickknacks that she’s held onto for years. While most people will purchase furniture and then make everything work around it, Korri opts for a less traditional approach. She’s a huge fan of colorful artwork, so when she finds something that stands out to her, she purchases it, and makes the necessary changes to make sure the rest of the home vibes with the art. She has the same ideas when it comes to paint colors, furniture, and other décor items. “I just buy what I like. I don’t think about whether it matches or not until later!” 

The living room is decorated with a blue velvet couch accented by throw pillows in shades of gold and orange, as well as black and white and leopard prints. This combination works well up against a stark white wall that lets the multicolored artwork and gold wall décor take center stage. Opposite the blue couch is a cozy little seating area that she calls the “Zen area.” The subtle lighting peering in through the bamboo window shades offers the right amount of pop to lighten the green velvet chairs, next to the wooden shelves that house the many pottery items, art books, and other items collected during their annual family trips to New Mexico. The leopard print ottoman sitting in front of each green velvet chair adds a perfect finishing touch to this unique and calm, yet bold, area. 

Rather than buying a dining room set that has already been matched for her, Korri created her own style. The dining area houses a traditional wooden dining room table to let the artwork pop, but as an accent, she blends in different dining chairs to create a modern and stylish area. Not only is this a stylish alternative, it is also a great way to save money and use your creativity!

The two-story home also has an interesting staircase. Once a duplex, the staircase was the entryway for the family living on the second floor, but now, Korri has access to a new area to implement her eclectic style. The stairs were not in the best shape from all the use over the years, so she spent a lot of time restoring them. She wanted a unique design, and because risers would be kicked often, she knew that paint would chip and tile would be kicked loose – so instead, she opted for wallpaper in a black and gray design. As an added bonus, the glass door that was the main entrance lets in beautiful, natural lighting that makes the wallpaper on the risers reflect in different shades of sepia and blue, which allows her to have a different design each day. Korri also turned the area beneath the stairs into a comfortable reading nook, with a bright yellow wall, colorful mosaic artwork, fun lighting fixtures, and a comfy chair. 

Although many of the rooms in her home pop in bright colors, she does also have some areas that use darker shades. The entryway has a dark charcoal wall with many vintage décor pieces that she’s collected from estate sales, while her master bedroom has a darker motif with a combination of designs, all in black and white, with neutral tones.

No matter which room you’re in, the fun, colorful, eclectic décor throughout the Anderson home is sure to lift your spirits.