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Better Sight in the Blink of An Eye

Learn how as little as 1.4 seconds can drastically improve your eyesight.

By: Alexis Mays  Illustration by: Jarred Schuetze

Many diseases and conditions can deteriorate eyesight. Thankfully, there are also many procedures that can fix it. Dr. Jacob Moore is an ophthalmologist physician at Coastal Bend Eye Center, a practice with locations in Corpus Christi, Beeville, Kingsville, and Alice. Using everything from testing to procedures, they improve the sight of thousands of Coastal Bend residents.

“We specialize in taking care of people who have diseases of the eye and those who need medical or surgical treatment for eye problems,” Dr. Moore explains. One popular procedure is LASIK surgery, a refractive surgery that uses a laser to help correct common vision problems such as near and far- sightedness. For many, LASIK surgery is an ideal approach to restore eyesight. Something that makes it particularly appealing is how quickly it begins to work.
“The results are instantaneous,” says Dr. Moore. Minus the prep time, the laser does its work in approximately 1.4 seconds. The laser is something these skilled physicians are excited to use. As Dr. Moore is proud to tell patients, “we continue to invest in the technology.” In fact, they are the only group in the area with this state-of-the-art machine.
When asked how much LASIK helps people, Dr. Moore answers, “many see better after the surgery and without glasses, than they did before thesurgery, with glasses.” And one day after the procedure, many are returning to normal.
Another common ailment his practice works to correct are cataracts. Cataracts are a degenerative disease that can gradually decrease vision. Its main symptom is blurry vision, which makes many feeling as if they are looking through a foggy lens.
The way this is fixed is nothing short of incredible. “We use ultrasound to dissolve the cataract, which is like a laser with soundwaves, and the cloudy lens comes out,” Dr. Moore describes, “and a new, clear acrylic lens goes inside the eye.”
While this team of doctors can care for many conditions, there’s no doubt preventing a disease is always preferred to treating a disease.
In addition to proactive testing and annual eye exams, Dr. Moore offers many tips he encourages everyone to follow. 
“Maintaining cardiovascular health, keeping moving and maintaining a healthy weight, taking care of blood pressure and diabetes, staying away from smoke and secondhand smoke,” Dr. Moore lists, “are all key things to living a long and healthy life and also make sure we have good vision, especially later in life.”
While it may come as a surprise that eye health is actually a head-to-toe endeavor, what it does is help stave off many conditions that affect eye health, such as diabetes and obesity.
Dr. Moore loves when he is able to help patients by equipping them with the tools for good sight or stopping a condition in its tracks.
If eyes are windows to the soul, it’s Dr. Moore’s passion for giving patients outstanding outcomes that makes him part of the heart and soul of eye health in South Texas.