The Best Burgers in Corpus Christi

10 Burgers You Need to Try in Corpus Christi

From the classic diner burger to new-wave and vegetarian options, we're rounding up a list of must-eat burgers in Corpus Christi

The Heisenburger from The Post at Lamar Park | Photo by Rachel Benavides

The Heisenburger from The Post at Lamar Park | Photo by Rachel Benavides

Whether you find yourself looking for a classic burger or something with a bit more personality, Corpus Christi is home to some mighty tasty renditions of this time-honored dish. Here’s a look at 10 local burger joints sure to satisfy whatever craving you might have.

The Classics

Snapka’s Drive Inn

 This family-owned icon has been serving up fresh burgers since 1948. Swing through this retro drive-in for a classic cheeseburger in the form of The Dixie Burger. Pull up to the retro-styled drive inn and don’t forget a side of their housemade onion rings. 4434 Weber Rd.4760 Leopard St.

Sandi’s Diner 

This local diner is the perfect spot to sit down and enjoy a classic cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and onions, served fresh with a side of french fries. Our recommendation is to switch out a fountain drink for a milkshake. What’s better than enjoying a tasty meal in the midst of a nostalgic diner? The answer: pretty much nothing. 3801 S. Staples St.

Executive Surf Club

Merging all things rad about living on the Texas Gulf Coast, the Executive Surf Club is a Corpus Christi staple. While the burger section of the menu features a few creative options, The Classic Burger should not be overlooked. In between a toasted bun, you’ll find lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles. 306 N Chaparral St. 

Vick’s Famous Burgers

Fast food with a homemade taste! This is the perfect spot to grab a double meat double cheeseburger with a good old-fashioned lemonade. Pro Tip: order a side of chili cheese fries and thank us later. 6734 Saratoga Blvd. & 626 North Port Ave.

Julio’s Easy Stop

Julio’s Easy Stop famous hamburgers originated in 1971, by Julio and Alicia Roldan at the Easy Stop Drive-In. The Julio’s Burger & Fries Combo includes a classic burger with mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions and a side of freshly made fries. Plus, the drive-thru window makes getting this iconic Corpus meal even easier.  5945 Greenwood Dr.

The New Waves

Padre Islander Burger Co.

This Island favorite has a variety of burgers to choose from, but The Hangover burger tops our personal list for a variety of reasons. Served with a sunny side fresh egg, caramelized onions, smoked bacon and American cheese, it’s breakfast in burger form. 11878 TX-361


This local spot is famous for its stuffed burgers, handcrafted with two patties and unique toppings found inside and outside the patties. Pay a visit to the newly opened Southside location and order the cheddar and bacon stuffed burger, served with delicious curly fries on the side. 6542 S Staples St.

House of Burgers

This spot is sure to have a burger for everyone, with flavor combinations for any mood or palate. For instance, the Aloha Burger is served with ham, pineapple, coconut mayo and Swiss cheese. Before you take your last bite, you’ll be planning your next trip back. 1645 Airline Rd.

The Most Comida 

This food truck turned brick-and-mortar has one of the best smash burgers in town. Dubbed “The Most Burger,” this classic fan-favorite is seared to perfection and topped with cheese, housemade pickles and secret house sauce. Find the powerhouse duo cooking up delicious fare inside Riley’s Irish Pub on the South Side. 6314 Yorktown Blvd. 

The Post at Lamar Park

The Post’s menu is filled with tons of delicious options, but The Heisenburger takes the idea of a classic cheeseburger and elevates it to new heights. Made with 44 Farms 1/2 lb house-blended all-beef patty, aged cheddar, all the typical fixings and the addition of bacon and a fried egg, we believe this to be one of the best burgers in town. 411 Doddridge St #102

Editor’s Note: This story was updated from its original version published on October 18, 2021, to reflect restaurant updates.

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