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Behind the Coastal Vibes of this Port A Dream Home

Crisp colors and nautical décor infuse an ocean-front condo with a classic coastal look

By: Jacqueline Gonzales  Photos by: Jason Page

After many years of making the six-hour drive between their home in Victoria and their vacation home in Fredericksburg, David and Kathleen Edwards felt that it was time to make some changes and find a closer vacation home. David owned a condo in Port Aransas years ago and enjoys the serenity and family friendly environment of the area, so the location was definitely a contender. When they came across the condos on the ship channel, they knew that the waterfront location with the gorgeous views and relaxing atmosphere was the perfect site for their new vacation home. Luckily, the condo only needed minor refurbishing, not major renovations, so they let the layout dictate how they would incorporate décor, using the beachfront landscape as a backdrop. 

Kathleen and David wanted to steer clear of vibrant hues. “When you lay down a color on your canvas to begin with, you’re almost compelled to continue,” says Kathleen. For this reason, she opted for a nautical color scheme, which didn’t necessarily dictate a specific shade, but more of an ambience. 


The neutrals and blues laid down would work with any supplemental color scheme, and changing out their décor over time would be easier. The neutrals in shades of ivory, cream, and white are soft enough to resemble the sand and contribute to a restful living area, while the different shades of blue offer the richer and more saturated tone of a modern coastal living space. 

Wooden furnishings create visual interest by adding a darker contrast to the nautical design. Combining wooden surfaces with neutrals and blues can give just the right touch of warmth, comfort, and coastal style without overpowering the cheerful, inviting nautical aesthetic. 

David also wanted to steer clear of common coastal décor that mimics the beach. Instead, he sought accessories that would set the tone for a nautical ambience to achieve a conventional yet comfortable space, accentuated by artwork Kathleen chose with oceanside references. 

With the help of designer Susan Castor, David and Kathleen were able to bring their nautical design to life and ensure that their space gives off a comfortable and easy-going vibe, while still being stylish. The custom fabrics in a crisp navy blue and white palette lend a simple, yet contemporary, theme to each room, while the splashes of coral and teal give the space a cool, coastal vibe. Kathleen enjoys adding rugs for warmth, so when David’s preferred oriental-style design didn’t match the nautical décor, they opted for a similar design in warmer shades to add depth to the blues and neutrals. 

Being outdoors isn’t always an option in the South Texas heat, so an interior that showcases the gorgeous landscape is a major benefit. The condo offers a front-row seat of the coast through panoramic views and ambient lighting that varies based on the time of day. The dark colors from the nautical theme are accentuated by the natural light shining through floor-to-ceiling windows. To accommodate that view, Kathleen chose a table with swivel chairs that allows guests to look around while relaxing in the alcove, overlooking the beach. 


The kitchen was another area where the layout of the condo worked perfectly for their chosen décor. David wanted slate floors, which paired nicely with the dark gray countertops and the bright white cabinetry installed by Christi Palmer with Palmer Todd of San Antonio. The glossy dark blue tile backsplash, chosen by Kathleen, adds just the right splash of color. 

They’ve only had their condo for 9 months, but David and Kathleen are enjoying how far their décor has come along, and are excited to see what new designs they can come up with in the future.