Author Debra Young Hatch Uses Literature for a Greater Cause

Author Debra Young Hatch Leads Nonprofit Benefiting Children with Long-Term Illness

For Kids’ Sake Publishing combines reading and creativity to support a greater cause

Illustration by Alita Buck

Prior to launching For Kids’ Sake Publishing (FKSP), Debra Young Hatch knew two things: She wanted to write a children’s book and she wanted to find a way to give back to the kids in the community. A journalist by education and profession, Young Hatch spent a great portion of her career writing stories about children, their families and their health struggles for Driscoll Children’s Hospital. During this time, she was introduced to a world of children with long-term illnesses and felt in her heart she was meant to help them in at least some capacity. 

After earning her master’s in communication, she felt inspired to create a business by which she could marry both desires, but she kicked it up a notch and aimed to create a business model wherein each book sold would make a contribution to kids. 

FKSP allowed Young Hatch to have control over publishing her own books, but more importantly, it provided a vehicle to help kids with long-term illnesses while helping ease some of those challenges. Each book published is dedicated to a child living with a long-term health struggle, and for every book purchased, a portion of the proceeds will be given to a hospital or organization dedicated to helping other children facing similar issues. 

Unfortunately, with the pandemic in the way, her efforts were halted, and it took roughly four years in total to get the ball rolling. Luckily, everything began to fall into place, and she was able to begin promoting her first book, Giraffes in My Closet. 

Giraffes in My Closet follows three giraffes who find their home in a closet when an unsuspecting boy accidentally leaves his door open. That night, Mildred, Seth and Emily sneak inside and take up habitation in the closet. Once inside, the boy discovers these gentle giants who often feel awkward, and are actually a bit shy, and quickly become comfortable in their new home. 

A portion of the proceeds of this book will go to the Driscoll Children’s Hospital Heart Center to help young children on their heart health journeys. Thanks to the support from the community, FKSP has been able to make two major contributions to the Driscoll Children’s Hospital Heart Center. 

Young Hatch’s hard work and dedication continue to pay off. Her efforts have extended from Corpus Christi to The Valley, San Antonio and Austin, where she visits Barnes and Noble stores for book readings, and health organizations to raise awareness for these children. 

This is just the beginning. Young Hatch is currently working on a sequel to Giraffes in My Closet, and another author is working on her own story to dedicate. We look forward to more of these inspirational stories, and to helping FKSP carry out its mission.