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At the Drive-In

Concrete Street is adapting to the times and converting to a drive in for a limited time

By:  Luis Arjona  Photos via: Concrete Street Amphitheater  Header Image via: Getty Images

Close your eyes and immerse yourself in this scene: You walk into a big lobby with people buzzing about a new movie, and the smell of popcorn is coated with butter and salt is pungent. You take a sip of coke that somehow is as refreshing as cold water after a long run. Movie theaters have been shut down for some time now, and the comfort of a night out to watch the latest Marvel movie or Wes Anderson film seems like a relic. Fear not! Concrete Street Amphitheater is now offering a drive-in theater experience.

Now, drive-ins actually seem like a piece of history from yesteryear as they are not as ubiquitous as they once were. However, this old night out is a remedy to our current situation if you’re looking to catch a flick. Concrete Street began hosting a drive-in theater on August 14th, 2020, and plan on doing so through Labor Day Weekend, September 6th, 2020. They plan on screening movies every Thursday through Saturday until then.


When asked what motivated the venue to convert to a drive-in, the answer was organic. All the pieces seem to be there, and they would be remiss not to do so. The venue’s layout lends itself to be a drive-in theater, and the stage is perfect for screening movies. “While concerts are on hold, this is a nice alternative for families to get out of the house to enjoy the beautiful South Texas summer,” states Concrete Street.

The venue is setting a precedent for alternatives here in the Coastal Bend. Although they have not been running this new venture for long, fond memories are already being made. When asked if there were any memorable moments from their first few nights, employees were happy to be a part of the guest’s first drive-in experience. Seeing familiar faces of regular concertgoers attending a screening was also refreshing for Concrete Street employees.


Concrete Street is working to provide a safer experience for guests by abiding by social distancing regulations. More information can be found below on their website. Upcoming films include the cult classics like Mean Girls and Jurassic Park. Check up on their film schedule and have a night out by visiting Concrete Street! Your experience will be better than Danny Zucko’s when he goes on his first date with Sandy Olsson. 

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