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Antique Accents

Detailing with various decades

By: Jo Anne Howell  Photos by: Rachel Benavides  Location: Historic Home in Heritage Park 


Historic accents are a way to preserve the past when it comes to home decor. The delicate details add character to today’s high tech world and allow home dwellers and guests alike a chance to be transported to a different time. A pre-Pinterest aesthetic is refreshing and is most certainly still suitable for today’s living. 


Texture, color, and craftsman style enhance the clean lines and modern edge of today’s decorating. Incorporating these details into a modern living space should not be overlooked and your eye should see a contradictory balance between the modern world and yesterday. 


Balance and proportion are of utmost importance when it comes to interior decorating. Mixing modern and antique design aesthetics is a great way to achieve this. By adding depth and contrast through antique items throughout your modern space, you’ll end up with a refreshing result that brings personality to the forefront!