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AMST and Water Street Catering Co. Partner to Re-Open the Museum’s Cafe

Water Street Catering Company Develops New Restaurant Concept for Museum Café, Elizabeth's at the Museum

By: Jessie Chrobocinski   Photo: Jason Page

Café culture goes back centuries. Historically, these cozy nooks have been essential venues for intellects, artists, and friends to gather, eat, drink, talk, and pass the time. Fittingly, the Art Museum of South Texas and its scenic cafe spot is also known to be a venue for similar diverse groups to explore art, indulge in creative conversation, and pass the time.  

Heightening the AMST experience with a light, eclectic, and subtle 70s vibe is Elizabeth’s at the Museum from Water Street Restaurants. Slated for May 2021, the reopening of the Museum Café, Elizabeth’s at the Museum, introduces tapas-style dining with Pan-Mediterranean flare, married with a few light Asian-inspired dishes. 

Mood board for Elizabeth’s at the Museum via Water Street Catering Company and AMST

“We like the idea for the cafe’s symbol to be “siren on the rocks” as we feel it represents feminine + Mediterranean,” says Celeste Alvarez, Marketing Manager for Water Street Restaurants. 

With plans for a full bar, Elizabeth’s looks forward to opening to the public for lunch dining and dinner service and after-hours events. 

“Ideally, we are trying to deliver a light, eclectic, and fun place,” Celeste continues. “We will honor the [history] of the Museum with a fresh but subtle 70s vibe.”

Dining at Elizabeth’s will mean more than just a meal; it will be an experience that explores the invigorating dance between visual and culinary art. Needless to say, we’re beyond excited for this new venture and cannot wait to step foot in Elizabeth’s. 

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