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A Small Donation with a Big Impact

Grow Local South Texas membership supports growing food, community, and connection

By: Jessie Chrobocinski  Photo via: Grow Local Farmers’ Market

As the coronavirus continues to evolve, our local farms prove to be ideal sources for fresh, locally-sourced produce, dairy, and protein. Many farms across the Coastal Bend provide customers with a broad selection of eggs, freshly picked vegetables and fruit, and much more. Adapting to customers’ needs, as the individuals find themselves more concerned about making frequent trips to the grocery store, local South Texas farmers adapt quickly to customers’ needs.  Also adapting to the continuously evolving landscape amid a pandemic, Grow Local South Texas is working hard to pursue their mission to ‘grow a healthy, local community. By improving access to education and advocacy involving nutrient-dense foods through online educational videos, guides, and modules, Grow Local South Texas commits to provide necessary access to local food in the Coastal Bend. 

The Grow Local Farmers’ Market connects local farmers with the community to provide food and essentials and artisanal products from local businesses. However, social distancing regulations have challenged in-person programs, such as the Farmers’ Market.

“Our goal right now is to continue to develop online resources to support Corpus Christians as they grow their gardening and sustainability skills,” shares David Nuss, Grow Local South Texas’ Executive Director. “We’re creating quality videos about backyard chickens, composting, planting techniques, and seasonal cooking, and with your support can continue to offer these resources to our community. A membership today is an investment into the health of our community for years to come.”

In these times, vital organizations such as Grow Local South Texas need our support. With a membership to Grow Local South Texas, your small donation involves a big impact: furthering the mission and supporting innovative programming. For a minimum donation of $25 a year, you can help the organization continue programming, improve local food systems, and provide essential local food access. 

“We’re planning even bigger things for the Fall and can’t wait to give this vital education to our community,” says Grow Local South Texas.

All Grow Local South Texas Memberships include:

·       Discounts and specials at participating Business Member Locations

·       “Grow Local South Texas” window decal

·       Discounts to tickets for Grow Local South Texas events

Continued below are Membership benefits by Membership Levels described in the purchase buttons for each membership: 

$25/Individual Annual; $35/Family Annual; $50/Non-Profit Annual; $100 Business/Annual; $100 Veteran/Lifetime; $200 Individual/Lifetime; $300 Family/Lifetime. Lifetime memberships never expire after the first purchase. To renew membership purchased in 2019 before switching, click on your usual membership level and buy a new membership.

Grocery shopping habits have changed and are continuing to evolve. As a result, many are teaming up with farms to provide a great variety of fresh products sourced right here in South Texas. The pandemic reinforces the function for safe, healthy, fresh foods, ensuring access in a safe, open-air environment.