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A Rockport Home Built From the Ground Up

Rockport gem combines earth tones and clean lines to create a Mediterranean-style environment

By: Jacqueline Gonzalez  Photos by: Jason Page

Just this past December, Rockport was named the third best “Coastal Small Town” by USA Today, and the homeowners of this gorgeous Mediterranean oasis can certainly attest to the honor. The husband and wife power couple who currently reside in this abode were driving around the area and instantly fell in love with its undeniable beauty and charm. They quickly decided upon the perfect lot to build their new home. 

No strangers to building a home from scratch, the homeowners knew how to divide the tasks; he took on the responsibility of the construction while she focused on the design of the interior. Together, they began to tailor the design of an existing house plan—one that featured two stories, which they didn’t want, so they removed the second floor, and rearranged rooms as needed. 



The original plan also featured a tile roof, which everyone was on board with, but after seeing the aftermath of Harvey, they decided to err on the side of caution and opted for a metal roof. After all, “living on the coast is kind of a gamble,” one of the homeowners said. The end result is gorgeous; the light stone exterior coupled with the dark metal roof created a clean, sleek look, offering the right amount of curb appeal. 

When it came to the interior design, the couple wanted a clean look with earth tones and occasional sparkles of color. The white walls in the living room offer a crisp and bright backdrop for the natural light to radiate, while the limestone wall housing the mounted television and the fireplace creates a cozy ambiance. 


The plush, tufted sofas add stylishly modern seating options with breathtaking views of the backyard. The floor-to-ceiling glass patio doors, framed with espresso-colored trim, resulted in a striking look, highlighting the natural elegance of the living area. The spectacular views of the plush greenery and crystal blue waters of the backyard pool add visual interest and make the patio doors the focal point in the room. 

The views are also spectacular from the outside looking in. The outdoor lounge area is a prime viewing spot of the house, with the radiant South Texas sun illuminating the home’s interior like an architectural work of art. 


The kitchen also exudes the same airy, clean ambiance. The homeowners wanted to avoid a multitude of shelves and any other places that were prone to collecting dust, so they designed a kitchen area featuring a shelving unit with inset cabinet doors so when closed, all doors, drawers, and frame sit flush. This minimalist look allows for the pantry, cookware, tableware, utensils, appliances, and other items to be neatly tucked away. 

Having these items out of sight gives the freedom to play with colorful accents: The tile backsplash features both gold and silver, while the pendant lighting hanging above the island and the sink fixtures are copper. These neutral, mixed metals tie everything in the kitchen together, with the premium stainless steel appliances adding the perfect finishing touch. 


Don’t be fooled by the earth tones and clean design, though. The homeowners have peppered manytasteful and unique pieces of art from their travels to China, Qatar, France, Brazil, Portugal, and El Salvador throughout their home. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind addition, giving personality to the space and energizing the room. 

Their love of traveling actually inspired much of the design in the home. They gathered many ideas from each country around the world they’ve visited, but their mutual love of the Mediterranean look made it their starting point. 

Although the house was coming along nicely, one last change needed to be made: The original plan incorporated a boathouse, which is the perfect addition to any house on the coast. However, realistically speaking, with their busy work schedules, the homeowners wouldn’t have time to utilize a boat. This gave them an idea—the space would be perfect for a gym. “We don’t need a boat in town every day, but we do need a gym,” one of the homeowners said. The addition came right on time; with the pandemic unknowingly on the horizon, the gym became a suitable amenity to enjoy during quarantine. 

The couple agrees that building a home is not for everyone. It is definitely a lot of work—not to mention the potential for the difference in opinions—but nonetheless, they had an amazing time during this journey. The level of comfort in this house and the fantastic turnout of the decor definitely makes it their favorite out of all the projects they’ve worked on together over the years.