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A Reminder To Go Out and Art

Here are some chances to catch up on some art displays in town

By: Julieta Hernandez   Photo courtesy of Art Center of Corpus Christi / Painting by Jill Haglund

Wrapping up October and spilling into November are exhibitions galore. Whether you’re a lone museum wanderer or a group full of second opinions, supporting local art organizations is always an outing option available, especially if you want to prepare your palate for ArtBall or the November Art Walk. Plan your art tour around the city while the weather permits it and immerse yourself and your friends in the city and the art it has to offer.

If Urbana is your quick-bite stop as it is to many others, be sure to take peek into the Just Another Perspective gallery in the next room. Graduate student Ali Dunman with The Art Project features airy, minimalist oil paintings from an environmentalist turned art major. Her work will be on display until November 1st. Soon following is the exhibition of Christopher Aparicio, which premieres during the first Friday Artwalk.

Photo courtesy of Dia De Los Muertos CC.


Visit K-Space Contemporary at anytime to see the exhibition juried by Corpus Christi artist Ricardo Ruiz. The Dia De Los Muertos art exhibition is full of colorful and lively pieces by local artists.

Featured, you will find Abstractions and Eclectic Things, a collection by Nola Guajardo and Nora Verdin, twin sisters and painters who have been active members of the art community for over thirty years.

The youth art exhibition will feature Corpus Christi area students, grades 7-12, who’ve submitted original art referencing or representing the Dia de los Muertos holiday. You can look forward to seeing the winning pieces on display at K-Space if you missed them at the Dia de Los Muertos festival.

The Art Center of Corpus Christi is featuring a solo exhibition from Ben Wright, western artist. His original paintings are inspired from his Native American heritage, in which “each color symbolizes the direction of the wind, and the animal spirit whose attributes reflect its spirit whose attributes reflect its inner being.” With a collection diverse in colors, the viewing will be heavy. This exhibition runs until November 3rd.

The art center will be opening a few more exhibitions starting November 7th, and these include: the PANTONE theme- multiple artists focusing on the ultra-violet under and overtones; Doctors Who Do Art, which is just as it sounds – a collection of people who are doctors by day, and artists by night; Memories on Canvas is a collection from Alzheimer’s patients who illustrated their fondest memories.

Painting by Jill Haglund. Photo courtesy of the Art Center of Corpus Christi.

This goes on until November 30th until the new exhibitions are revealed.

Art is an outlet for both the artist and the viewer, and thank goodness the coastal bend is plentiful of both!