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A Relaxing and Functional Space Filled with Personality and Chic Decor

The Montalvo's modern maison

By: Jacqueline Gonzalez  Photos by: Jason Page

When a Montalvo has a vision, great things are on the horizon. Working in real estate, Amanda Montalvo and her husband Chris seek out abandoned homes to flip and put back on the market for a lucky Corpus Christi resident to call their own. When they discovered a 4,677-square-foot mid-century modern gem in the Ocean Drive area, Chris made it his mission to find the owner so he could purchase what would eventually become their most rewarding project yet. While living in and remodeling several homes in Corpus Christi with Chris, Amanda had never truly become attached to any of her previous homes; each one had a particular feature that didn’t suit her tastes or her personality. But once she and Chris saw the potential in their latest discovery, the project became personal and special to them. 

 The layout and overall design of the home would prove to be a challenge, though; initially, the architecture did not provide a smooth flow from one room to another and was in need of heavy renovations. The Montalvos never shy away from a challenge, and they enlisted the help of designer and family friend Ronna Braselton. Her talents in interior design are evident as she helped them bring their vision to life with a monochromatic color scheme of black, gray, white, and chrome accents to create a holistic and cohesive design. 

“We couldn’t have completed this project without Ronna,” says Amanda. “We trust her work and we’ve been happy with it every step of the way.” Each piece was carefully chosen by Braselton not only to encompass the contemporary design desired by the Montalvos, but also to reflect their personalities. 


Part of the renovations included creating an open space with the living room, kitchen, and dining area, and the color scheme helps create the cohesion Amanda was seeking. The kitchen, once at the front of the home in a windowless room, is now near the dining and living room, which both overlook the beautiful backyard landscaping and crystal blue pool. The open area of these three rooms, combined with the breathtaking view, makes the perfect spot for entertaining. The bare floor-to-ceiling white walls called for something unique, and the three-dimensional artwork was the perfect addition. Its strategic placement and balancing create an eye-catching, yet sleek and modern, addition to the contemporary, chic design of the room. 

 All it takes is one look around the house to know that Braselton means business when she boasts, “Lighting is my jam!” The various Kelly Wearstler by Visual Comfort lighting pieces around the home provide a luxurious touch to the refined modern design, from the chandeliers to the tabletop orb lighting fixtures. Although the home has ample natural lighting from the picturesque windows, the lighting pieces work as decorative elements during the day and provide rich lighting in the evening. 

Amanda’s favorite spot in the home is her personal den space, which is decorated to showcase her feminine personality with a plush cream-colored couch, fluffy throw pillows, and accents of soft pink for a chic and elegant touch. Here, Amanda is able to relax, enjoy time with her friends, or host a Bible study. The soft lighting maximizes comfort while creating a welcoming and cozy feel. A painting by Jill Malouf of Dallas, Texas, featuring the same soft pink and gold accents, was the perfect finishing touch. 

The kids’ play area in the room across from Amanda’s den features plush brown leather couches that are sturdy enough to accommodate guests and provide child-proof furnishings. The egg swing chair with plush seating is a family favorite, but also the perfect space for Amanda to curl up with a book while her kids enjoy a game of chess. Animal print rugs and greenery add just the right pops of color to the browns and neutral shades. 

 Although they have made strides with the renovations and décor in the home, the ideas never cease for the Montalvo family. They are always a couple of steps ahead of the game as they envision upcoming projects. Currently, they’re working on converting the sunroom near the living area into a cigar room for Chris. The room, hugged by windows to provide gorgeous Coastal Bend lighting, will make an ideal masculine space, and they plan to continue the renovations outside by creating an outdoor kitchen overlooking the pool. 

The combined talents of Amanda and Chris Montalvo and Ronna Braselton helped take this house from being another potential renovation project and transform it into their perfect home.