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A Guide to Giving in the Coastal Bend

Spotlighting over 35 nonprofits in the Coastal Bend area

By: Kylie Cooper & Jacqueline Gonzalez  Photo Provided by United Way of the Coastal Bend

We can give back to ourbrcommunity in a number of ways—finding a cause that speaks to youbrand lending your efforts, howeverbryou’re able, can make a hugebrdifference in someone else’s life.brBut on a grander scale, think aboutbrwhat enough individual actionsbrmade in that vein might look like. Ifbryou and your neighbors, and theirbrneighbors, and so on, all decidedbrto join a local effort, just imaginebrwhat type of impact is possible. 

Inside our December issue, we feature over 35 nonprofits in the Coastal Bend area working to create a better place for our community to live, work, and thrive in. Separated into a few different areas of focus, we encourage you to learn more about each of these incredible organizations and initiatives. 

Child Advocacy

Environment & Wildlife

Health & Well Being

Neighbors in Need

Empowering & Enriching

The Coastal Bend is filled with incredible nonprofits and grassroots initiatives. While there are too many worthy organizations to list in one small feature, we’re hoping the ones highlighted here provide you with a place to start. Maybe you’ll discover a nonprofit you’ve yet to encounter or learn something new about an organization you’ve already come to know. Regardless, we hope this local guide to giving inspires you to lend a helping hand this season. Be it with your time, talents, or tithings, when we give together, real change can happen.