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50 Things Every Local Should Do – The Checklist

Almost a year after our Local Bucket List issue, we're curious, how many of these things have YOU done?

If you think back to almost a year ago, you’ll remember ourbrJanuary 2019 cover. The cover is special to us for a few reasons. For one, GatesbrDonuts is quite possibly every local’s favorite donut shop in town; and, withbrtheir recent paint job, this cover now memorializes those iconic yellow andbrorange colors we all became so familiar with. For two, the little girls you seebron the cover, excitedly running away from the donut shop’s window, are ourbrOwners, Jordan and Kaley Regas’ daughters, and by extension, our family.


The concept behind January’s issue was a bucket list forbrlocals. What does it mean to be a local through and through? To us, it meansbrsharing a boundary-transcending bond with one another. A bond that when youbrcome across it, you know. It’s a shared experience with other Coastal Bendbrlocals. It’s an inside joke that only someone from Corpus would understand. Webrtook the idea of that bond and turned it into a list of 50 things every localbrshould do, know, or experience during their time here.


When we put out the issue, the question begged itself: Howbrmany on here have you done? And now, with just about a month left in the yearbr2019, we’re curious. Have you completed the ultimate Coastal Bend bucket list?brWe made a handy graphic that we’ll post on our social media accounts for you to save or screenshot. Our hope is thatbryou’ll download it, print it out, and quite literally check things off thebrlist. Share your results with us by tagging @thebendmag on all social mediabrplatforms and we’ll share your bucket list with our followers! Perhaps there arebrthings on the list you want to do before the year turns anew.