5 Best Poke Bowls in Corpus Christi

5 Best Poke Bowls

From build-your-own bowls with endless options to fixed menu items with a fusion of flavors, here are the five best poke bowls to try in Corpus Christi.

poke bowls from Hanaya Poke in Corpus Christi

Poke Bowls from Hanaya Poke | Photo by Rachel Benavides

Fresh – but never fishy – bright, tangy, salty and umami: Poke bowls are perfectly balanced meals with plenty of colorful, nutritious components. This dish is usually prepared with sushi-grade fish of some sort and a variety of toppings, but other proteins aren’t out of the question. Here are a variety of five poke bowls in Corpus Christi.

Build Your Own 

Hawaii Poke and Ramen 

The options for building the perfect poke bowl are endless at Hawaii Poke and Ramen. It can be overwhelming to start, but might we suggest a base of poke rice, a combination of beef tataki and ahi tuna, mixed with poke sauce and creamy cilantro. Top it off with seaweed salad, fried onion and garlic, corn, cucumber, avocado, masago and plenty of crispy wonton strips.  4002 South Padre Island Drive, Suite 108

Beef Bowl 

Poki Yaki

Tuna and salmon are the usual suspects in a poke bowl, but at Poki Yaki, the beef bowl takes the cake. The tender, marinated beef is stir-fried until sticky and is placed over a bed of spring mix and rice, and accompanied by your choice of toppings. Choose between Poki Yaki, creamy coconut, sriracha mayo, mango spicy, creamy wasabi or sweet mustard sauces drizzled on top. 3823 S. Staples St.

Texas Heat

Hanaya Poke

Opt for the pre-fixed spicy poke bowl. Your choice of lettuce base is topped with rice, salmon, spicy tuna, green onion, jalapeno, cilantro, crab, avocado, corn, edamame, sweet gochujang, chili flakes and sesame seeds. At Hanaya, you can turn your favorite bowl into a nori-wrapped burrito too. 6113 Saratoga Blvd, Suite A, 4938 S. Staples st., Suite E5

Peruvian Poke

Costa Sur Wok & Ceviche Bar

The Peruvian Poke at Costa Sur combines the best parts of its Peruvian ceviche and classic poke. Sashimi-grade yellowfin tuna is served alongside jasmine rice and topped with sizzling sesame oil, Leche de Tigre Soy, mango and avocado. The spice and citrus flavors from the Leche de Tigre really pack a punch. 15113 South Padre Island Drive, Suite 101 

Poisson Cru 

Island Market  

The Poisson Cru at Island Market in Port Aransas is not your typical poke. Sushi-grade ahi tuna is cubed and tossed in a coconut lime marinade before getting tossed with cucumber, carrot, tomato and onion. The final product is tangy, sweet and refreshing alongside a serving of rice to soak up the delicious sauce. Ask about the poke from their catering menu the next time you’re planning an event. 614 S. Gulf St. 

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