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5 Best Craft Cocktails

We scoured the Coastal Bend in search of the best cocktails

By: Julieta Hernandez   Photo By: Rachel Benavides

Sipping a freshly prepared cocktail is an age-old pleasure. We go for the experience, the laughs, the buzz, and the taste: Different ingredients create unique flavors, and thankfully, someone already thought of it for us. At the bartender’s hand, we find fresh flavors and playful layers. Shaken or stirred, we’re ready, and these are some of the best around.

Lady Liberty 
The Post’s most picturesque cocktail. The soft, bubbly drink starts with Dripping Springs Gin and muddled blueberries, giving it a soft purple dye. After getting some lemon juice and basil involved, the cocktail is roughly shaken and poured into a delicate coupe glass and topped with a sparkling prosecco floater. The aroma of the fresh basil garnish prepares you for the refreshing crisp taste. Enjoy it (with some pictures beforehand!) at the Post at Lamar Park in Corpus Christi. 
411 Doddridge St #102

The Saturn 
A playful and spritzy cocktail; gin never tasted so otherworldly. The drink takes all the exciting elements of the liquor and celebrates it with passion fruit puree and an electric dash of fresh lemon juice. It’s touched with falernum, syrup that gives off ginger and clove notes, and orgeat, an almond-based mixture. Both are homemade with care especially for the Saturn. The result is a pretty canary-yellow drink, garnished with a lemon rind and a ripe blueberry. Enjoy one at Paradise Key in Rockport, Texas. 
165 Cove Harbor N, Rockport, TX
This recurring favorite has quickly become a staple in House of Rock’s rotating cocktail menu. The specialty margarita perfectly marries fruity and spicy components to create one kick of a drink. Tequila infused with freshly-cut pineapple and jalapeño slices soak over a few days to impart a sweet spiciness. The libation is roughly shaken with a fresh squeeze of lime juice, orange liquor, and a house-made simple syrup over a salted rimmed glass. Garnished with slices of raw jalapeño, this drink is not for the faint of heart.
511 Starr St

The Bangkok Sour 
A delightful remix of a classic, but something about this version draws us in a little more. Bourbon spiked with some ginger liqueur and lemon juice, ready to buzz and awaken the senses. Thickened by an egg white, the Bangkok becomes a little frizzy and delicious, but not complete until the red wine is added. The result? A yummy, tart beverage that is as unique as it is dimensional. Try it out at BKK Thai’s bar at Lamar Park.
3850 S Alameda St. #27

The Geisha
Herbal, aromatic elements draw a blissful experience to the tastebuds, and it all begins with the eruption of the rosemary smoke bubble at the first sip (just don’t try to inhale it, as we’ve hilariously learned). In the pale pink martini, Bombay Gin is intertwined with elderflower and lychee flavors, which is cut through by the citrus in grapefruit and lemon juice. Unique flavor is also contributed by the vanilla bean and organic flower used in their recipe, in which a fluffy smoke bubble rests prettily on top, ready to burst. Go pop it at Dokyo Dauntaun, Downtown Corpus Christi.
424 N Chaparral St.