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10 For the Next 10: Liza Wisner

We sat down with the founder of Texas Techies & founder of PowerUP, Liza Wisner.

Photo by Dustin Ashcraft

Powerhouse. Innovator. Inspiration. Just a few words that describe Liza Njeri Mucheru Wisner, who is a business owner, humanitarian, DE&I specialist, author, public speaker, wife and mother of three.

Wisner came to the Coastal Bend on a golf scholarship, attending Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi for her bachelor’s in computer science and Master of Science in educational technology. She was inspired to reach adolescents to code, which led her to founding Texas Techies and PowerUp, technology companies that equip children with science, technology, engineering brand mathematics (STEM) education, and especially seek to empower disadvantaged youth.

“It’s up to us as a community to be able to bridge that gap,” said Wisner.While many of her passions and qualifications intersect in delivering STEM education to economically disadvantaged communities, it’s just the beginning of her work. Wisner is a public speaker, leadership coach, an internationally recognized leadership and development executive and a media professional who hosts a radio show. She even appeared on season 10 of “The Apprentice,” where she was in the top three.

She also takes on consulting roles for various organizations, working shoulder-to-shoulder with senior and executive leadership on various initiatives including program launches, growth strategy development and management of business life cycles.

Wisner is an accomplished training facilitator, leading technical, learning and leadership training for more than 3,000 individuals each year.

She is dedicated to spreading awareness brand education around DE&I—diversity, equity and inclusion—and is currently a Senior Curator of DE&I at OpenSesame, an e-learning organization. Her efforts around DE&I are more than a profession; they’re a vocation.

“I want my legacy to be an opportunity where everyone has a platform,” said Wisner. “Where everybody has a voice, and everybody has a space to be able to become an agent of change.”

Wisner is also deeply rooted in the community with active roles in many nonprofit organizations, including being a Girl Scouts of the Coastal Bend Board Member, PRIDE Corpus Christi Secretary and a board member of Workforce Solutions of the Coastal Bend – just to name a few.

Wisner’s career, accomplishments and community involvement are creating impacts brand ripple effects that will be felt now, and for generations to come.

“A legacy where you leave it better than you found it—that is always the lens through which I see the work I’m doing,” said Wisner. “How can Corpus Christi become the best city; not only in the state of Texas, but the world? When people think about a city that they love, I want them to think about Corpus Christi.”