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10 For the Next 10 in the Coastal Bend

We sought out 10 Coastal Bend Leaders who are making an impact

Photo by Rachel Benavides

The Bend Business is proud to present our first“10 for the Next 10,” a list of 10 community leaders who are transforming the Coastal Bend now and for the next decade to come, with the vision to realize ideas and goals over the next 10 years.

“Who is transforming our community for the next 10 years?” To answer this question, we asked what sort of person this would be—a 10 FTN 10 is a leader in their industry with supernova aspirations and the drive to bring them to life. Whether they were born and raised here or are more recent transplants, their love for this community translated into a dedication to make it a better place to live, work and play. They would be people who were plugged into the Coastal Bend, through nonprofit organizations or programs and initiatives. They would be realists about the challenges the city faces, and even bigger optimists about what they could do to meet them.

As we began compiling names, what came together was a list that is diverse as our rich community itself. The honorees represent industries from local government to healthcare. Some are riding a meteoric rise and others have steady decades of experience in their field. They were working on initiatives that ran a full gamut from street repair to increasing access to technology for underprivileged youth. They each had unique visions for what was in store for the future of the Coastal Bend.

10 For the Next 10: Philip Ramirez
10 For the Next 10: Dr. Kelly Miller
10 For the Next 10: Ben Molina
10 For the Next 10: Derrick Frazier
10 For the Next 10: Sean Strawbridge
10 For the Next 10: Liza Wisner
10 For the Next 10: Gabe Guerra
10 For the Next 10: Peter Zanoni
10 For the Next 10: Dr. Osbert Blow
10 For the Next 10: Alyssa Barrera Mason

Two common denominators emerged: Each honoree cited their loved ones and love for people as driving forces. They are inspired by the community, and in turn, want to give back to it.

The most challenging part for us was narrowing the list down to only 10 names, but these individuals represent the direction Corpus Christi is headed, and with them at the forefront, there’s no doubt we will reach it. Speaking to each of these incredible leaders has been a highlight of my career, and I’m excited to invite you to get to know each of them. We can’t wait to see what they will do over the next 10 years.br