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Why Size Matters When it Comes to Your AC System

By: One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Corpus Christi

As the summer heat continues to roll in, you may be considering installing or replacing an air conditioning system in your home. However, there are many variables to consider – price, brand, and energy rating are just a few. Whether you are thinking about a central A/C unit there are several sizes to choose from, and getting the right size makes a big difference.

Not Too Big, Not Too Small…Just Right

Some people choose an oversized air conditioner on purpose, thinking that this is a good thing -- but they’re wrong. If an air conditioner is too big for a given space, it will cool that space down far too quickly and not deliver the desired comfort.

Oversized equipment can cause the system to cycle on and off too frequently causing unwanted wear and tear on a system that is appropriately sized. This will result in spending more on maintenance and repairs. Additionally, whenever the unit is running, you are likely using more energy than necessary to keep your home cool.

Furthermore, air conditioners are responsible for removing humidity in addition to lowering temperature. This is especially important in the Coastal Bend area. If the cooling cycle is too short, the A/C doesn’t have the opportunity to remove enough humidity from the room leaving it to feel damp and clammy.

However, when a unit is too small, it will continue to run throughout the day causing your energy bill to skyrocket. The room may never reach your set temperature and can even fail to keep spaces comfortable during the hot and humid summer days of South Texas.

Find the Size Your Home Needs

There are numerous factors to consider when determining the sizing a central air conditioning unit. The square footage of your home is a large factor for consideration. However, things like your climate, your home’s insulation and the layout of your rooms can also make a difference. So when it comes to choosing a central unit, it is important to speak with an HVAC professional who can consider all these factors and work with you on the pros and cons of choosing between two sizes if you’re right on the borderline.

At One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Houston, our team will come to your home to provide a free estimate. We will take accurate measurements and assess all these variables if you are thinking about upgrading your home’s air conditioning system.

To learn more about One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Corpus Christi and our services, you can visit us online or call 361-444-0504. Special offers and financing are available, ask our team members to learn more.