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Youthful Skin is IN! Book a Facial at Design Concepts Today

Local salon and spa, Design Concepts, talks the luxurious, anti-aging benefits of a facial to maintain youthful skin.

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Written by Amanda Cummings

Have you ever received a facial? It is my guiltiest pleasure, and I choose it over any luxurious spa item. Why, you ask? Well, for one, it is so relaxing, and I can get an arm and sometimes a foot massage, depending on what facial I am getting. More importantly, it is the one thing I can do regularly to help with the appearance of aging. In my twenties, a fantastic esthetician said that if I cared for my face correctly, I could avoid the knife later. Twenty-five years later, this has stuck with me, and there was some truth to her wisdom. We offer a complimentary 30-minute facial to all new guests that visit Design Concepts because we have found that most women and men have never had a facial. Facials are often a luxury item in spa services, and most people think they are unaffordable or hurt because of extractions. While there are times we will do extractions, most of the time, we do not have to because of all the new implements we use that do not hurt but aid in removing dead skin and clogged pores, such as our top-of-the-line Elemis Biotec Machine. 

An Elemis Biotec facial is a specific cocktail of concentrated serums plus a 5-in-1 facial machine that offers a combination of ultrasonic, micro-current, galvanic, oxygen infusion, and light therapy to lift, smooth, brighten or purify your skin, depending on your skin needs- Facials can be affordable, effective, and done while your hair color processes or even on a lunch break. We offer a fantastic facial right at the shampoo bowl for men or women who want a pick-me-up. But let’s dive deep into what is causing those fine lines and wrinkles to appear magically out of nowhere.  

Our skin exfoliated much faster when we were younger, but this skin is more challenging to remove as we age. You cannot simply scrub that skin off with your typical facial scrub. While that skin is dying and staying on your skin, gravity always works against you pulling your skin down and creating those lovely creases and lines. Then, of course, you throw in facial expressions, and whala, you have wrinkles. We love to pair an enzyme and microdermabrasion to help aid the skin in exfoliation. With just one enzyme, you can notice a difference. The skin is bright, shiny, supple, and feels like it is breathing. Pair in a dermaplane, removing that fine vellus hair and dead skin immediately, and you look years younger.

We offer many enzymes depending on your skin type and what we try to accomplish. We also factor in the time of year. Summer and Fall facials are entirely different, and your esthetician must know how to cater to the skin during these dramatically different seasons. Fall is when you can be the heaviest on your skin—removing all the dead skin, lightening the dark melasma spots, and getting a good peel in. In the summertime, we must go lighter on pressure and peels. Ensure we always use sunscreen on our face, neck, and decollete. We often forget about our neck front, sides, and back.

Design Concepts uses Elemis skincare products along with Skin Skript. We love the science involved in both companies and how they are all-natural and have something for every beauty budget and age. We do not need to use the same products our 15-year-old uses when approaching 30 and above. When should you start getting facials is a great question that we always hear. Young ladies and men should start in their teenage years when they can properly learn how to cleanse their skin and not over-pick, push, and poke at it. When you are in your twenties, a quarterly facial is a beautiful treat for your skin and will be enough to keep your pores in check. The thirties are when you need to start paying attention to getting the dead skin off regularly.

Facials every other month, including an enzyme or light microdermabrasion, is beneficial to keep the skin bright and smooth. Once you are in your forties, it is time to up your facial game. Every six weeks is essential to keeping the dead skin removed, and this is when you would want to incorporate much better skin care products into your daily regime. You can skate by the 20-’30s with the cheaper products in a good skincare line: Cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. But when you are in your forties and up, you must ensure your products work against time. Now the most significant thing that people do not realize is that that $300 face cream you are slathering all over your face will not do as much good if you do not get that dead skin off. You are wasting your products on that vellus hair on your face and layers of your 30s. I will often start my guests off on a product line that is in the middle price and strength range that will help us aid in removing those dead skin cells, and once we have about three facials in and we are noticing a visible difference in the skin, then we will introduce products that are heavy hitters. When you up the price of your products, you need to use less because the product will be more concentrated. Facials are a great treat for anyone that likes to be pampered and loves to take care of their skin. We invite you to try our Elemis Biotec facials and see what the rave is about. We know you will leave refreshed and younger looking than before.

We look forward to meeting and serving this beautiful community. Until next time wear sunscreen!