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Work From Home Office Made Easy

Some fun and easy tips to maximize the sensibility of your home office from Monica Benavidez

By: Monica Benavidez  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Creating a designated home office space is a great way to increase productivity whether you work/study from home or manage a household. Even if you can’t devote an entire room to an office, you can carve out space for one in a closet or an empty corner with some wall space.

My home office is where I spend a ton of time working on my home décor line, my interior design blog, and projects for my day job. I’ve surrounded myself with glam, floral décor that inspires me, and functional furniture pieces that keep office supplies hidden and organized. 
When designing this space, I opted for the largest desk I could fit, and I do not regret that decision. Once I had the dimensions of the desk, the other supporting pieces fell into place. If you’re creating an office, start with your desk and make it as large as your space can reasonably accommodate. 
Overall, creating a home office space is an opportunity to have fun and get creative. I like repurposing items (for example: candle holders, shoe boxes, vases) to hold office supplies, creating oversized wall art using gift wrap or wallpaper, and revamping old furniture with paint to add style.

Functional Style Tips:

• Garage sales, Facebook Marketplace, thrift markets, and dollar stores are perfect for finding bargains to create a stylish home office. The memo board behind my desk was a $10 picture frame before I added foam core board.

• If your home office lacks windows, I suggest adding a mirror to reflect light and using daylight bulbs in a lamp to add some brightness.

• Corral items using trays or baskets to keep useful supplies on hand but tidy.

• Soft touches such as curtains, pillows, throw blankets, and rugs add warmth, comfort, color and pattern to an area. They create layers in your décor that will make any space feel more polished.

• To increase storage in small home office spaces, use the walls available to you. Installing wall shelves is an easy, beginner-friendly project.

Get the Look:

White campaign chest – Corpus Christi Estate Sales
DIY memo board – using a frame from Goodwill
Various vases – Codi’s Collectibles 
Floral curtains – HomeGoods