"Wings Away: A Tale of Friendship" and the Joy of Helping Others

“Wings Away: A Tale of Friendship” and the Joy of Helping Others

Corpus Christi native publishes a children's book that follows two pups as they experience adventure in their South Texas backyard.

GraceAnn Skidmore and her Dachsund, Dixie from "Wings Away: A Tale of Friendship"

GraceAnn Skidmore and her Dachsund, Dixie

Corpus Christi native, GraceAnn (Polasek) Skidmore recently released a children’s book titled “Wings Away: A Tale of Friendship” that celebrates the uniqueness we each hold, the beauty of friendship and the joy of helping others. 

Skidmore is a graduate of Calallen High School and holds a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business and an MBA from Texas A&M University – Kingsville. Though she currently resides in southern California, her debut novel encapsulates her connection and love for South Texas.  

Wings Away: A Tale of Friendship

Illustrated by Heidi Jean, Skidmore honors her roots as the story follows two puppy-dog friends, a Dachsund named Dixie and a Maltipoo named Ruby who experience adventure in their very own South Texas backyard. In this story, the home referenced is Skidmore’s childhood home and Dixie is her real-life Dachsund companion, adding a touch of familiarity and warmth to the narrative. The character of the cardinal is inspired by Skidmore’s late grandmother, Carol Polasek, honoring her memory and the special bond they shared.

Your kids of all ages will love joining Dixie and Ruby for their backyard adventures while learning about the importance of kindness and the value of friendship in Wings Away: A Tale of Friendship. Purchase on Amazon in paperback or e-book format and stay tuned for more works from Skidmore that will take readers along for lighthearted stories that can instill lifelong lessons.

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