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When the Credits Begin to Roll

CC Ride-in theater says goodbye after seven years with free feature films

By: Julieta Hernandez  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

After seven years of picnic blankets, lawn chairs, and shushing your friends, Corpus Christi’s unique ride-in movie theater experience is tearing down production.

Since November of 2011, the Ride-In Theater has presented us with some Friday night classics – Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox, Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands are only a few of the movies the community’s been able to enjoy amongst their mosquito spray and popcorn bags at the Watergardens.

 People remember coming here with their families, on shy first dates (then really awesome second dates!), and as a kick-back with some of their closest friends who ALSO know all the words to Grease!, perfect for the Ride-In’s sing-along feature they had back in 2014.

While many of us will remember the CC Ride-in theater fondly, we can always hang on to the memories of when we went, and who we went with. There’s something strangely timeless about a ride-in movie, and with a community of film-lovers, we’re sure no one will forget the Ride-in Theater now that the credits have begun to roll.

To kick off the end of a local legacy, the CC Ride-in Theater will be showing a FREE screening of Mel Gibson’s Young Frankenstein: the eerie 1974 twist of the original monster flick, with a lovable Gene Wilder and a just as creepy castle. Perfect timing for the flick – mid-October may call for a blanket, and you can bring a friend to this one who’s trying to ease into scary movies for the season. The movie starts at 9pm (or once the sun has completely set), but getting there early is always a better option, and yes, there will be food trucks.

The Art Museum of South Texas will still be doing its Dollar after Dark deal for those who want to roam the galleries before their movie starts from 5:30 to 9:00.

As a tribute to possibly one of the coolest ways the community spent a Friday night together, enjoy this free screening like it’s the last…because it is.

Learn more about the event tonight on the CC Ride-in theater Facebook page.