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What is a Holistic Skin Specialist?

Natural and holistic health practices are surging in popularity as we expand awareness of effective ways to heal the body.

By: Catharina Pehrson, Skincare Butik

With so many different options out there, finding the right skincare expert and a solution for your skin can be a challenge. Natural and holistic health practices are surging in popularity as we expand awareness of effective ways to heal the body. 

At Skincare Butik our trusted and experienced licensed aestheticians are representing a new paradigm; a holistic medical approach. The best results and the future of esthetics is treating the whole person.

We understand the internal causes and the best treatment options that address the conditions seen on the face from the inside and out. We know the source of many skin conditions, including aging, hyperpigmentation and acne and the novel ingredients that work to treat them permanently.

On our menu you will find new technology options and facial techniques, innovative treatments as well as ancient rituals, like the Ayurvedic Organic Facial

Ayurveda (meaning “science of life”) is an ancient Indian natural healing practice based on three different Doshas that are categorized as a unique mix of the four elements (earth, water, fire, and air) in the body. These energies play a role in creating and maintaining physical and emotional balance to achieve a healthy lifestyle. This unique perspective can be beneficial in your skin and wellness regime when applied appropriately.

Not sure which Dosha you are? Take the quiz to find out!

Ayurveda is a great guideline and tool for discovering certain tendencies of the skin, body, and mind. Everyone is unique and different and possesses balances and imbalances that can be related to a variety of causes.  As Certified Holistic Skin Specialists, we are proud to bring a complete approach to treating the skin and body to our clients:

•  Knowledge on skin anatomy and physiology
•  Determine the internal causes for major skin conditions
•  Creates advanced protocols for treating the skin
•  Understand how organs map out on the face and body
•  Extensive knowledge of key prescription medicine and ingredients

Get to know yourself and make some time each day for self-care from the inside out!

Make a FREE skincare consultation appointment at Skincare Butik! We will discuss your skincare needs and desired results as well as review your current skincare regime. Then we can advise the appropriate products and treatments that will help you reach your skincare goals.