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A new year brings new trends, so we reached out to local fashion blogger Julianna Zavala to fill us all in on trends to look out for in 2021.

Tips by: Julianna Zavala  Photos by: Aaron Garcia

For our first Style piece of the new year, we reached out to local fashion blogger Juliana Zavala to fill us in on trends to look out for in 2021. From chic loungewear to the classic trench coat, Zavala breaks down four different trends and how to style them! 

1. Statement sleeves and accentuated shoulders are here to stay in 2021! Double ruffle satin sleeves add drama and elegance to this burgundy top. 

Top, faux leather shorts and accessories from Jewels Clothing & Accessories

2021 notable trend: Trench Coats. Look for a classic trench coat with new and interesting elements. The tied sashes at the cuffs add a modern touch to this standout piece! 

Trench coat and leather crossbody from Julian Gold  

3. Chic loungewear serves a dual purpose. Comfortable styles that can be worn at home or on the go will be your best friend this year!

Loungewear set from Jewels Clothing & Accessories

4. Oversized button-downs are making a comeback this year! Let it flow loosely or add a belt to flatter your figure. Western belts are my current favorite!

Top and handbag from Julian Gold