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Trending for 2019

Home décor you’ll need to stay ahead of the curve this year.

By: JoAnna Howell  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Change will be easy this year as new trends make their way into shops and creative centers. The forecast for mixed metallics, geometric patterns, velvet, and rich jewel tones is looking bright as these elements are beginning to appear all around us. 

Be Bold: Colors are making their way into furnishings, paint colors and will change your mood from airy and light to matte and mysterious.

Get in Shape: Curvy shapes, as well as raw edges, are all the rage. The straight lines of past trends are changing into curves on furnishings and chandeliers. 

Neo Geometric: Geometric lines have been making their way into designs for the last few years. Now they are making a stronger statement than ever, so expect to see lamps, tables and décor pieces with these elements hitting the market. 

Acrylic Everything: Lighten up these bold moves with clear acrylic. From furniture to décor, acrylic is showing up literally everywhere. Its clear visual is a good match for spaces full of color, plus the material is easy to clean and can add glam to any style. 

Pattern Play: From wallpaper (which is huge) to carpets, patterns are mixing it up. Don’t be scared to mix patterns in carpets, pillows and other accents – patterns can create a focal point, and are a fun way to create your new decor style.