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Top 5 Lattes to Enjoy this Season

Cool weather is finally here to stay! That means warming up with some of our favorite lattes in town.

1. Green Light Coffee

Green Light Coffee was founded by Jordan and Sarah Hans in Corpus Christi, TX. Originally serving their coffee out of a green Volkswagen bus, their uptown location is now a comfy, modern home for those working in the downtown and uptown area, as well as an event space for those who attend ArtWalk every first Friday. Their menu changes from time to time with specialty drinks, but their latte is a mainstay and it sure is delicious.

600 Leopard St. #100 Corpus Christi, TX 78401 (361) 434-0846

2. Café Calypso

Cafe Calypso has been a Corpus Christi staple since 1992. Originally founded by Erdal and Marcy Okumus, this coffee house has moved from Sunrise Mall to its now familiar location next to Half Price Books in Moore Plaza, but the quality has not changed. They’ve always roasted their own coffee beans and maintained a welcoming atmosphere that encourages conversation over work. Stop by and try one of their amazing lattes. Special bonus: if you look up to the ceiling you’ll see a diverse collection of national flags pinned up and each one has been contributed by a customer from that nation.

Moore Plaza 5425 SPID #185 Corpus Christi, TX 78411 (361) 993-5282

3. Eleanor’s Coffee Bar + Market

Although espresso based drinks haven’t always been a part of Eleanor’s menu, the recent addition has lived up to the standards you would expect of this newer Central Corpus Christi coffee house. Just like the decor and atmosphere, Eleanor’s lattes are simple and carefully crafted with extreme attention to detail and as always, a friendly barista to serve it to you!

4231 S Alameda St. Corpus Christi, TX 78412 (361) 452-1018

4. Bloom CoffeeWorks

Bloom CoffeeWorks is a family owned and operated outfit that have opened up two shops inside of HEB stores in South Texas. Their first location in Portland, Texas was a huge success and a welcomed addition to the Portland community, who up until that point only had chain coffee shops to choose from. Bloom recently opened their new location in the Flour Bluff HEB Plus and plan to expand to even more HEB stores before opening their own stand-alone shop. Try their fan favorite French Vanilla latte with their house made cinnamon sugar hazelnut topping!

Flour Bluff HEB Plus 1145 Waldron Rd. Corpus Christi, TX 78418 (949) 813-6568

5. Island Joe’s Coffee and Gallery

Island Joe’s a very apparent void in the Island community: a proper coffee shop. For those living on Padre Island that commute in town for work, Island Joe’s is a life-saver, providing quality coffee and a number of in-house made flavor syrups to help them get their day started. Their lattes are rich and full of flavor. For those who live on the island and just need a great place to hang out, Island Joe’s is for them as well!

13919 SPID Corpus Christi, TX 78418 (361) 867-1276

Fun Fact:  
The name “latte” is a short-hand for “cafe latte” which the Italian’s used as a way to describe the idea of combining coffee and milk. While this description may be somewhat vague, as there are a number of espresso based drinks that combine these two ingredients, lattes are differentiated by pouring an espresso shot into an 8oz cup and filling the rest with steamed milk, in that order.