Spring Garden Must-Dos from Gill Garden Center + Landscape Co.

Top 5 Gardening Must-Dos for April from Gill Garden Center + Landscape Co.

The professionals at Gill's give their planting advice to achieve a thriving garden this spring.

Now THIS is some gorgeous gardening weather!! We’re all busy planting, re-designing, fertilizing, and getting ready for holidays and weekends outside with family and friends. Here are top tips for making the most of a very important month in the garden from Gill Garden Center + Landscape Co. 

Feed Your Lawn and Plants

Fertilizing/feeding your plants this month is a must. This includes lawns, trees, and most plants. Everything is actively growing, which means they’ll need more food to continue looking their best. For lawns we love to apply organic Medina Growin Green once in Spring (now!), once in Summer, and once in the Fall. Medina Growin Green is a great multi-purpose food for shrubs and trees too. For blooming perennials, annual flowers, and veggies we really like organic Plant Tone by Espoma and Medina Hasta Gro liquid. Feed with Plant Tone on the 1st of each month, then follow up with liquid Hasta Gro on the 15th. Add these reminders to your calendar and you can’t go wrong!


Watering Wands Win!

Hand watering with a watering wand that has a cutoff valve is the most efficient and best way to water, especially for new plantings. Watering plants low to the ground keeps water from escaping via wind and evaporation and keeps water off the leaves which can invite fungal issues. Watering slowly (by turning down the pressure on your watering wand or kinking your hose) ensures that more water gets down to the roots instead of running off the surface. 

As of right now, with Stage 2 watering restrictions in effect, you can use sprinklers or spray irrigation once every 2 weeks. Check your watering schedule here. Lawns and established landscapes will like this schedule if you water slowly, deeply, and consistently. For new landscape projects, and some other situations, you can apply for a temporary exemption to watering restrictions and use sprinklers and irrigation systems in order to help get plants, lawns, and trees established. We can help you file for the exemption if you like – it’s a straightforward process. 

Keep in mind that hand watering and drip irrigation/soaker hoses are not limited by current watering restrictions. You can hand water or supplement with drip irrigation any time as needed. We carry the pro watering wands that we use here at Gill’s as well efficient sprinklers, moisture meters, timers, and soaker hoses. 


Plant Blooming Perennials for Pollinators

April is the time to add some blooming perennials to attract pollinators like butterflies, bees, and birds to your garden. You support pollinators (and the planet!) and in return they help you have more blooms, better production on your veggies, and a more vibrant landscape! Remember – April is when we start seeing hummingbirds! Add a few of their favorites like this native Salvia greggii, native Flame Acanthus, or firebush and make your backyard a preferred stop. 


Plant Your Warm Weather Veggies

It’s time to plant hot peppers, squash, zucchini, basil, beans, and more! Tomato time has almost passed, but we still have a few if you still really want to plant a tomato – or better yet, a tomatillo! When starting veggies, the trick is to get the soil as active and alive as possible. Amend your existing soil with Nature’s Blend Compost (about 1 bag per 12 sq. ft.), then add a little Bio Tone starter fertilizer with mycorrhizal fungi and a good handful of worm castings when you plant each plant. Then follow our trusted fertilizer schedule – Plant Tone on the 1st of the month and liquid Hasta Gro on the 15th! Remember that veggies use a lot of energy and need these regular feedings to produce. Plus, strong, vigorous veggie plants are less susceptible to pest damage. 


Get Ready for Guests

We’re wrapping up March and rolling into April with a gorgeous Easter weekend! For the quickest and easiest impact outdoors, think hanging baskets full of Impatiens, Vinca, Purslane, Geraniums and more overflowing with color. Some pops of color plus fresh mulch in your beds and you’re ready to host! We’ve extended our mulch sale through 4/4/24 to help with that! For indoors, our favorite flower arrangements are those cut fresh from the garden and landscape.