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Top 5 Gardening Must-Do’s for January 2021

Gill's top January to-do’s to keep your garden healthy and ready for a gorgeous Spring

By: Gill Garden Center + Landscape Co.

2021 – lots to look forward to, including new gardening projects! We’ve collected our top January to-do’s to keep your garden healthy and ready for a gorgeous Spring. 


1. Clean Up and Start Planning Spring Projects.


Can you believe that our South Texas Spring is only about 45 days away!

Pleasant weather brings the itch to start planting everything, but January weather is quite unpredictable, and temps can drop suddenly. Use the month to plan your new garden spaces, clean up beds, and prepare your planting areas. January is a perfect time to plant hardy trees & shrubs, just hold off on the tender tropicals.

2. Houseplants – Find a Good Spot

When the weather is chilly, it’s a great time to refresh indoor spaces with houseplants. The key to vibrant and healthy houseplants is often just finding the right spot. A good starting point is to place near windows that get good indirect light for at least some portion of the day. Be sure to keep your plants away from A/C and heat vents, which will dry them out. This Pilea is happy on a high shelf about 5 feet from a Western-facing window that gets indirect/dappled light through the trees outside.


3. Plant Potatoes and Onion Sets.


Red seed potatoes & fresh onion sets will be here the week of Jan 6th. These are delicious and good for you AND so easy. This is a great family project especially for kids. It’s important to use seed potatoes – the ones in the grocery store are treated to not sprout for longer shelf life. Learn more about growing seed potatoes here and onion sets here

4. Fertilize Your Citrus Trees


Use organic Citrus Tone by Espoma once you’ve finished your harvest. This helps your citrus get ready to bloom this Spring and produce a bumper crop next Fall-Winter. Reapply in June. You can feed in between with organic Hasta Gro.  

5. Lawn Care


This Winter we’ve been diagnosing and treating a lot of fungal issues in lawns including the dreaded Take-All Root Rot. Check out our tips for prevention which include applying Peat Moss and making sure that you are not overwatering. A good drink once a week is what we recommend.