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Tips for Simple Kitchen Upgrade Projects

Tips to upgrade your kitchen that don't require a sledgehammer or tons of time

Photography by Rachel Benavides

If you live in a new(er) home, or are currently scouring local real estate listings for a home, you may be feeling a little uninspired by the finishes, especially in the kitchen. Rather than focusing on what is or isn’t there, I encourage you to look at it as a blank canvas.

There are tons of opportunities in a kitchen to do some simple swaps and upgrades. The good news is these tips don’t require a sledgehammer or tons of time. You could knock these out in a weekend if you’re ambitious!  

Swap the lighting: A new light fixture can instantly change the whole vibe of a kitchen. You could go from traditional to modern or farmhouse to transitional. If the kitchen is poorly lit, adding recessed lighting or light fixtures is a worthwhile home improvement.

Mixing metals: Give your kitchen a custom feel by mixing metals in the lighting, faucets and hardware. Try oil-rubbed bronze mixed with matte black or brass mixed with satin nickel, or incorporate lucite, chrome and brass like I did here.

Add contrast: A large part of why a kitchen can be underwhelming is because it lacks contrast — it’s a sea of white, gray or brown. Adding contrast via barstools, a unique pantry door, the color of a wall or even a washable rug runner will help create interest.

Incorporate accessories: Adding in some functional but beautiful accessories can add personality to a kitchen. Chic countertop appliances, vintage artwork, a cookbook stand or a vase of flowers are inexpensive, quick ways to personalize your kitchen.

Get the look:

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Pendant Light Riverbend Home

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