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Through Their Lens: Tera Elwell

Seeing our city in a new way, through someone else's lens

Words and Photos by: Tera Elwell 

Over the years I had dabbled in photography, but it wasn’tbruntil I became a photojournalist for my college newspaper that I started takingbrit seriously. Around the same time I met my wife who is also a photographer. Webrboth expressed interest in expanding our portfolio and have worked on almostbrevery photo-shoot together for the last five years. 


I love trying out new styles and I’m constantly watchingbrtutorials online to become a better editor. We don’t have a lot of equipment, but the lack of gear forces us to be more creative. Sometimes it feels likebreveryone is taking the same picture but if you get up and walk aroundbrfor awhile, it’s easy to find some unique and beautiful new sceneries.