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Through Their Lens: Josiah Duenes

How looking at our city artistically has allowed potential and inspiration to flow out of this local artist

Words & Photos: Josiah Duenes

Hey guys, my name is Josiah Duenes. I am a local designer and photographer. I mention both because I have a deeper background in digital design and even architecture. Photography started as a creative outlet for me from always drawing or designing. From there, it sort of exploded.

Looking at the world from a creative point of view and finding beauty in everyday life has always been there. I come from a family of designers, illustrators, painters, and photographers. I have grown up here in Corpus Christi and started using my background and interests to influence my photos. You start to look at everything differently when you start to translate design principles into photography and vice versa. I tend to focus on portrait work and placing people within their environment in order to tell a story or show the scale of a landscape. When you start to look at the city artistically, you tend to find a lot of potential around you. br