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Through Their Lens: Coryn Wenger

How one local photographer as allowed the existence of other beings and structures to provide her with a moment of gratitude and genuine experiences

Words and photos by: Coryn Wenger

The Alchemy of Photography by Coryn

In its pure form, a photograph freezes life’s ever-fleeting moments. We as fast moving, at times robotic beings, forget to slow our roll and cherish the present. This is what this art form has gifted me — a breath of gratitude. My part in photography is to mirror and embody natural, genuine occurrences. I’m moved by color, nature, humans, and raw existence. I have a special, cozy place in my heart for street photography. Street photography focuses on unmediated, unstaged moments; such as candids of strangers. I am conscious to how this can be seen as an invasion of space and comfort, so I try my hardest to remain respectful in my shots. I take my photographs as a memento of poetry that fills the salty air of Corpus Christi. Our city gleams with culture, vibrant beings, diversity & an ethereal flow that without, me and a camera would be useless. As I dive deeper in this art form, I grow a profound understanding of what sways my soul and the alchemy that guides my finger to the shutter.