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Thoughtfully Handcrafted at Rockport Center for the Arts

Featuring a dozen Austin-based craftspeople, "Thoughtfully Handcrafted" includes a variety of wood art from the Splinter Group

Photo courtesy of Splinter Group, work by Bruce Koach

Thoughtfully Handcrafted is a new exhibition at Rockport Center for the Arts by Splinter Group, a collective of Austin-based artists and creators. The exhibition showcases a collection of eclectic, functional wood-crafted artwork by a dozen artists.

With both freestanding and wall pieces, the group show is sure to take you into a world that blends the natural and the modern. Rockport Center for the Arts curator Elena Rodriguez says, “We are so excited to bring in Splinter Group. Exhibitions like this highlight the beauty of bespoke art and the talents of master craftsmen.”

Splinter Group offers affordable, high-quality workshop space to artisans, craftspeople and fabricators in the heart of Austin, creating a sense of community for the artists. The workshop allows artists to exchange technical knowledge, creative vision and professional references with each other, allowing their practices to flourish and grow.

From elegant furniture and guitars to abstractions and wall pieces, the show will feature a wide variety of handcrafted pieces that are sure to impress. Featured artists include James Felton Graham, Mathew Hedgepath Smith, Philip Hernandez, Rhodes Hinman, Bruce Koach, Alex Lohn, Alessandro Maria, Adam Owens, Brian Shimansky, Mark Macek, Ivan Walker, and Shota Yamaguchi.

The exhibition will take place through May 8th at the Rockport Center for the Arts, with pieces available for purchase.