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Juice Cleanse 101 with The Vine Juice Company

The Vine Juice Company’s Lisa Sutter on the potential benefits of the practice, how to prep the body and more.

The Vine Juice Company Juices for Juice Cleanse

The Vine Juice Company's Juice Cleanse Package | Photo by Benjamin Zaragosa

The idea behind a juice cleanse is to help eliminate toxins in the body and reset the digestive system. But before you start any new health-related practice or routine, it’s best to educate yourself on all it entails. Education is a big part of the mission at The Vine Juice Company, which offers juice cleanse packages featuring raw, natural and fresh cold-pressed 16-ounce bottles of goodness containing three to five pounds of raw vegetables and fruit with zero additives. We chatted with owner Lisa Sutter to learn more about what exactly a cleanse entails, the possible benefits and how The Vine can help you on a cleanse process. 

What exactly is a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse is when you replace solid foods with cold-pressed juice for an extended period of time. It allows your digestive system to take a break from processed foods, sugars, fats, heavy proteins and other hard-to-digest foods. [It is a fasting method] and fasting is a very common practice around the world and throughout history. 

What are the potential benefits of a juice cleanse?  

The [potential benefits] may include weight loss, improved digestion, mental clarity and focus, increased energy and stamina, clearer complexion, improved heart health and better sleep. 

What are some things to be mindful of before starting a cleanse? 

In our experience, the hardest part of the cleanse has nothing to do with the actual cleanse. If someone is struggling during a cleanse, it typically has to do with sugar or caffeine withdrawal. You may feel a little sluggish and experience slight headaches, hunger, lightheadedness and frequent eliminations. No need to worry; it’s just your body getting rid of all the toxins, and it doesn’t last long.  However, most of our customers report a surge of energy and a clearing of the brain fog that they normally have.

Should you consult a doctor before starting a juice cleanse?

We always recommend to consult your doctor if you have any health concerns. We do have several doctors who understand the benefits of a juice cleanse and actually send their patients to see us. 

How do you know what type of cleanse is best for you?  

It really depends on where you are on your journey. Figuring out what type of cleanse works best for your body and goals is a part of our education process. We have some general guidelines online, but prefer you come by and chat with us about your goals so we can work together and see how we can help you achieve them. 

How often should someone do a juice cleanse?

There isn’t an answer to this question that fits everyone. We have guests who will do a 1-day cleanse once a week and some people who will do a 30-day juice cleanse a couple of times a year. Our general suggestion is one day a week, three days per month, seven days per quarter or two extended cleanses a year that are 10+ days. But, it really depends on each individual. 

Can you eat at all when on a juice cleanse? 

Ideally, no. The point of a cleanse is to allow your digestive system to have a break so it can do all the other things it is responsible for.

Do you need to prepare your body at all before starting the cleanse?

A juice cleanse takes discipline, focus and self-control. How you prepare for your cleanse determines the amount of success you will achieve. We do recommend guidelines to prepare for cleanses of 3 days or more: Four days before you begin a cleanse, eliminate meats, dairy, sugar and alcohol from your diet. Three days before, eat salads and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Two days prior to starting your cleanse, eat fruits, steamed vegetables and light soups. Then, the day before you start, only drink raw smoothies and lots of water. 

Is there anything to be mindful of post-cleanse? 

You should mostly be mindful of slowly adding foods back into your diet with healthy choices.  

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