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The Perfect Book Drink

Tastea offers calming flavors and a cool environment

Words: Julieta Hernandez  Photos: Rachel Benavides

A quiet teahouse on McArdle provides the perfect retreat from the Texas summer heat. Their signature beverage, jasmine milk tea, pairs perfectly with a book, so be sure to bring along a fun read.

“We fresh brew our jasmine tea and mix in the milk, and then make it sweet to bring out the fragrance of the jasmine,” Nhi Nguyen, manager at Tastea, explained. Royal milk tea, a similarly popular drink, also uses jasmine tea but features a creamier milk base. The combination of milk and jasmine tea makes a sweet and satisfying drink that soothes the throat.

When ordering my drink, I could not resist trying a coffee “jelly.” Jellies, similar to tapioca boba balls, add pizzazz to your drink. Tastea’s selection includes different flavored tapioca boba balls, jellies, and even popping boba that bursts in your mouth.

According to Nguyen, Tastea is one of the first teahouses in Corpus that focuses on Asian coffee, fresh-fruit smoothies (ask about their avocado smoothie), and milk teas. This is why they’re able to have such a wide selection of drinks and add-ins.

Tastea is always a cool, quiet place to catch up on your workload or studies. The venue features free Wi-Fi and accessible outlets in every lounge area. A selection of board games is also available, or you could bring your own. Tastea is a perfect spot to enjoy a refreshing drink and spend time with your friends.